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CSUEU: Chapter 312, Northridge

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  • 03/22/17 -- USU Northridge Center
  • 06/14/17 -- USU Northridge Center
  • 09/20/17 -- USU Northridge Center
  • 12/06/17 -- USU Northridge Center


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CSU Seeks Changes in Benefits and Layoffs

Full contract bargaining has kicked off with an exchange of outlines of the union's and CSU's respective bargaining proposals. This exchange of initial proposals, known as the sunshine process, is required before the parties meet face-to-face at the bargaining table.

The CSU administration's sunshine proposal seeks to make yet-to-be-disclosed changes to the benefits and layoff sections of the contract, among other proposed adjustments.

CSUEU's proposals, on the other hand, include increases in the opportunity for employees to progress through their salary ranges while promoting advancement, retention, and equity in the workforce. The union intends to propose other improvements throughout the contract.

CSUEU will stand strong against any attempt to cut to our benefits or changes that would negatively impact our members.

"We're ready to fight if we need to," says Vice President for Representation Rocky Sanchez. "We know our members demand a fair contract."

The contract between CSUEU and CSU expires on June 30, 2017, and formal negotiations will start on February 14 at the Office of the Chancellor.

Support your bargaining team, stay tuned, and stay active!

There are now two ways you can stay in the loop on the latest contract bargaining developments:
View a chart detailing the annual state budget development process (PDF). Look in the lower right corner to find January.

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

Bargaining 101; Red Cross Disaster Supplies Calendar

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