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2016 Budget

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CSUEU and CSU Reach New Collective Bargaining Agreement

Gov. Brown's Budget: A Small Increase in CSU Funding

When Gov. Brown unveiled his proposed 2016-17 California state budget during a press conference in Sacramento this morning, it was encouraging to see that he has proposed approximately $148 million in base funding for the CSU system.

Particularly heartening is the fact that this is even more than the amount called for in his multi-year funding plan, which has provided gradual increases in CSU funding for the past three fiscal years.

The Office of the Chancellor immediately distributed an upbeat statement, stating in part, "The governor's budget proposal affirms his commitment to invest in the California State University and acknowledges the university's vital role as an economic driver and the state's largest producer of bachelor's degrees…An investment in the university is an investment in the future of California."

However, this budget's CSU funding is still some $93 million below the $241 million that the CSU trustees requested last November in order to keep the CSU system running smoothly.

This type of shortfall has occurred year after year, and only once-last summer-has the gap been completely filled, in that case as the result of a strong legislative push, fueled by grassroots coalition campaigns across the state.

"It's clear that more resources will be needed in 2016-17 in order to meet the overall needs of the CSU system, and particularly to accommodate the thousands of students wanting to enroll in the CSU," said CSUEU President Pat Gantt. "As the budget process unfolds over the next six months, CSUEU will work closely with our allies in the legislature and with the governor to increase the resources invested in the CSU."

View a chart detailing the annual state budget development process (PDF). Look in the lower right corner to find January.

Take the Survey: Open vs. Closed Campus President Searches

In 2011, the CSU Board of Trustees amended the "Trustees Policy for the Selection of Presidents." Until then, the names of campus presidential search finalists were routinely made public, along with their official campus visit itineraries. The amendment allowed the CSU Chancellor and the Chair of the Trustees Committee for the Selection of the President to decide whether any particular candidacy would be made public.

Predictably enough, since 2011 the CSU has conducted several searches for presidents, but in none of those searches have there been public announcements of finalists or of their official visits to campus.

CSU management argues that a closed, secretive search is necessary because good, strong candidates are likely to withdraw if their names are made public.

What do you think? Please take CSUEU's new survey and spread the word, as we'd like as many responses as possible, with the results to be announced within a couple weeks.

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

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By: Hai-ling Tang

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