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  • 08/13 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 08/20 -- E-Board Meeting -- off campus
  • 09/10 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 09/24 -- E-Board Meeting -- OV36
  • 10/08 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 10/22 -- E-Board Meeting -- OV36
  • 10/29 -- BU 9 Meeting
  • 11/05 -- BU 2 Meeting
  • 03/19 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 06/25 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 09/17 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 12/09 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center


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Draft 2015 Budget

In-Range Progression (IRP)

CSUEU and CSU Reach New Collective Bargaining Agreement


When will I see the salary increase in my paycheck?

The CSU trustees must still ratify the Tentative Agreement, which they'll likely complete during their next meeting, taking place November 12-13. Assuming the contract is ratified, we anticipate the retroactive checks to be issued in early December. The first full paycheck with the salary increase should be in the December warrant, which is received by employees around January 1, 2015. CSU administrators have told us that they are already communicating about the salary increases with campus payroll offices and the State Controller's Office, which processes our paychecks.

The faculty union has finished bargaining. Is faculty's Tentative Agreement different?

We have a side letter agreement stating that, if faculty receives larger equivalent compensation pool from systemwide funds in any given fiscal year (such as a General Salary Increase or Service Salary Increases), CSUEU-represented employees will get the same deal, too. This is called a "Me Too" agreement. Faculty members have agreed to a 3 percent compensation pool for 2014-15, just as CSUEU did. CSUEU decided to split the pool evenly among our represented member. Faculty, on the other hand, went a different route. Every faculty member will receive a 1.6 percent salary increase. The remaining 1.4 percent of their pool will be meted out in various amounts, based on a variety of criteria. While some CFA-represented employees will receive more than a 3 percent salary increase, others will receive less. Most importantly in terms of the "Me Too" clause, the amount paid out in total will not exceed the overall 3 percent compensation pool. For FY2015-16 and FY2016-17, faculty will have re-openers, meaning they will again engage in negotiations. These years will be again covered by the "Me Too" agreement, which ensures that CSUEU-represented employees will receive at least a equivalent compensation pool.

The Fight against Outsourcing Continues

CSUEU recently fought another skirmish--and made meaningful gains--in the war over contracting out of our jobs, also known as outsourcing, this time at the Bakersfield campus.

Management has long outsourced custodial services at CSU Bakersfield's library, computing center, and satellite campus. Additionally, several at-large custodial positions are held by contract personnel.

"We were able to hold down the number of outsourced positions," said bargaining team leader and statewide VP for Representation Alisandra Brewer, referring to a meet and confer during the week of September 29. "Plus, the campus agreed to grant immediate permanency to two temporary CSUEU-represented employees. That victory was important not only for supporting employees, but also for fortifying our stronghold at the grassroots level."

"We gained some important territory and held the line in other areas," observed Senior Labor Relations Representative Joseph Jelincic. "This agreement lays the groundwork for future improvements."

During negotiations, Jelincic spoke across the table for the union team, which included Brewer, Bargaining Unit 5 Chair Michael Chavez, and CSU Bakersfield Chapter 310 Chief Steward Kathryn Plunkett and President Ray Finnell.

Chavez noted, "Negotiations also resulted in an agreement from management to employ only CSUEU-represented custodians in the campus' new dormitory complex." The 500-bed complex is expected to open in January. One new custodial job will also be a union-represented position.

The final piece is an agreement to meet and confer again if costs of the contracts exceed minimal percentages-which seems likely, if the experience at other campuses is any guide.

"We expect to be in Bakersfield again," Jelincic added.

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

Bargaining 101; Red Cross Disaster Supplies Calendar

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