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How to Irritate Gov. Brown for His Own Good

By Chapter 313 President Peggy Allen, Office of the Chancellor

If looks could kill, I'd be a goner, judging by the hostile glare that I got from Gov. Brown as we departed a Southwest flight from Sacramento to Los Angeles late last month.

Gosh, Gov. Brown, I was simply trying to inform you about the need for full CSU funding. No need to get all bent out of shape!

It began when I boarded the flight after participating in CSUEU Lobby Day at the Capitol. The star passenger turned out to be Gov. Brown, who took a seat in the row behind me.

Since the plane was packed with others who'd spent the day lobbying at the Capitol for a wide range of issues, everyone boisterously greeted him as he settled in.

The mood was light until someone called out, "What are you going to do with all that extra money?" That was a reference to unexpected new revenues that are now flowing into the state coffers.

"It all goes to K-14," responded the governor, adding, "It's the law."

So I called out, "Is the CSU going to get its $97 million augmentation?"

"No!" he exclaimed.

I had one more trick up my sleeve: once we were in the air, I befriended the woman next to me and began talking as loudly as possible about the need for strong CSU funding.

"It's great that the governor is giving millions to K-14, but what about CSU students?" I blared. "Did you know that only 16 percent of CSU students graduate in four years, and the rest need five or six years? Isn't it a crime that the CSU system has had to turn 20,000 students away?"

I continued in the vein for the entire flight. Although the governor shot me a-how shall I put this-hateful look as we debarked, he did provide an extra $38 million augmentation to CSU funding a couple weeks later in his May Revise of the 2015-16 budget. Coincidence?

That's still about $59 million less than CSU has requested.

I later mentioned the encounter to CSU Chancellor Tim White, and he joked that we need to check Gov. Brown's travel schedule so we can lobby him for the remaining $59 million on his future plane rides. If any readers happen to have that schedule handy, please forward it to me ASAP!

Read a May 23 Fresno Bee editorial urging full funding for the CSU in 2015-16.

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

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Last Updated: 07/23/2015
By: Hai-ling Tang

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