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  • 08/13 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 08/20 -- E-Board Meeting -- off campus
  • 09/10 -- Stewards Council -- OV36
  • 09/24 -- E-Board Meeting -- OV36
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  • 10/22 -- E-Board Meeting -- OV36
  • 03/19 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 06/25 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 09/17 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center
  • 12/09 -- Chapter Meeting -- USU Northridge Center


Other Items of Interest

Updated 06/17/14

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2014 Budget

In-Range Progression (IRP)

Bargaining next contract -- dates and locations

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Proposed -- compensation fund

Nearly two weeks ago, Gov. Brown and legislators sealed a 2014-15 state budget that failed to augment CSU funding by the $95 million that trustees had declared they needed for a compensation pool, among other pressing needs.

Early this week, hundreds of CSUEU-represented employees participated in a grassroots campaign to e-mail members of the CSU bargaining team with personal accounts of the difficulties that their families have endured as a result of stagnant wages over many years.

To his credit, CSU Chancellor White has now proposed that approximately $21 million be used for compensation out of existing funds. The CSU has proposed to use these funds for a salary increase, including dedicated funds for those in the lower half of their salary range, along with the beginning of a systemic fix to our broken compensation system. The proposed numbers are complex and will require study and verification on the part of the bargaining team.

Since the current contract expires on June 30 and negotiations will continue into July, both parties have agreed to a contract extension up to the end of July. All terms of the current agreement will remain in effect until then.

Negotiations will resume on July 17-18, 23-25, and 30-August 1 at locations to be determined.

"We are disappointed that the governor chose to give no funding augmentation to the CSU," said CSUEU VP for Representation Alisandra Brewer. "However, Chancellor White appears to have heard your voices. He knows that 'no raises' is unacceptable."

She added, "Management also appears to have heard our concerns about the broken compensation system. We are evaluating the remediation ideas they presented this week and will respond in July. Thank you to all of you who raised your voices and helped 'Take a Stand!' We're not done yet!"

CalPERS Board Approves Health Premium Rates for 2015

Last week, the CalPERS Board of Administration approved 2015 health rates for its 1.4 million health plan subscribers.

The board's action adopts rates that reduce premiums for more than 570,000 members by about three percent from 2014 rates. Additionally, about 175,000 members will experience increases of less than three percent if they stay with their current health plan.

Members can select or change new plans during an Open Enrollment Period that begins September 15 and ends October 10, 2014.

Preliminary information is available on the 2015 Health Plan Rates page. As we get closer to open enrollment, watch for further details to see how rates for your chosen health plan may change.

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

Bargaining 101; Red Cross Disaster Supplies Calendar

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By: Hai-ling Tang

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