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Thanks for APC and CFA members joint CSUEU's Solidarity Break on 10/18/2017

AB1231--Senate Education Committee testimony by Terry Wilson and David Balla-Hawkins

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CSUEU-Sponsored Legislation for Salary Steps Clears First Hurdle

For most public-sector employees, doing your job well with satisfactory evaluations means getting automatic salary increases each year. The CSU Board of Trustees unilaterally ended that widely accepted standard 20 years ago during an imposed impasse.

Our fight to correct this injustice received a big boost on Tuesday, Jan. 9, when the State Assembly Committee on Higher Education approved AB 1231, a bill authored by Assembly Member Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), which will restore 5% salary steps for all CSU support staff.

The bill was supported by two Republican members on the committee, reflecting that the issue of equity and parity for CSU employees is a non-partisan issue.

This month, CSUEU Legislative Committee members met with every Higher-Ed Committee member or their staff to educate legislators about the bill. On Tuesday, the committee members provided compelling testimony at the hearing.

Terry Wilson, Administrative Analyst: "Despite changes in my job responsibilities and workload - and despite consistently receiving outstanding evaluations - my base salary has not increased in the 10 years I have worked at Fresno State."

Our message clearly resonated in the 10-3 vote to advance AB 1231 to the Appropriations Committee on Jan. 18.

"Schools do not operate without the support staff. Oftentimes the support staff is the first person a student meets, whether it's the secretary at the school office or the custodian at the dormitory," said Committee Chairman Jose Medina. "They make a difference. Support staff is undervalued, and we need to value their work and to demonstrate it with pay."

Sponsored by CSUEU, the bill received widespread support from other organizations, including: California Faculty Association, California Nurses Association, California Federation of Teachers, California School Employees Association (AFL-CIO),California Teamsters Public Affairs Council, Service Employees International Union, Local 1000, University Professional and Technical Employees-CWA Local 9119.


If the bill clears the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Jan. 18, it will advance to a full Assembly vote.

"New employees are hired at a greater salary than mine, even though they do the same work," said Pete Rauch, from CSU San Marcos. "This inequity is caused by a CSU salary structure that is clearly broken. I am asking for parity with other state agencies. I am asking to be fairly compensated and be treated with respect."

CSUEU members' continued engagement will be critical in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information on the coming work ahead! To support our efforts to regain regular step increases, sign up to join and become a member of our Political Action Committee.

Is your legislator here? If so, please take a moment to send them your thoughts on how they voted on AB 1231 to restore steps for all CSU employees!

Committee Members District Vote on AB 1231
Jose Medina (Chair) Dem - 61 Yes
CAtharine B. Baker (Vice Chair) Rep - 16 No
Dr. Joaquin Arambula Dem-31 Yes
Richard Bloom Dem - 50 Yes
Rocky J. Chavez Rep - 76 Yes
Jacqui Irwin Dem - 44 Yes
Kevin Kiley Rep - 06 No
Marc Levine Dem - 10 No
Evan Low Dem - 28 Yes
Jim Patterson Rep - 23 Yes
Sharon Quirk-Silva Dem - 65 Yes
Miguel Santiago Dem - 53 Yes
Shirley N. Weber Dem - 79 Yes

View a chart detailing the annual state budget development process (PDF). Look in the lower right corner to find January.

View a gallery of 60 photos of the event (click on each thumbnail to the see the entire photo). Learn more about the "Take a Stand!" campaign.

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By: Hai-ling Tang

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