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What is the LSDAS?

The Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS) is the system maintained by LSAC that allows you to apply to any ABA law school.  LSDAS has a number of advantages for applicants.  Most law schools ask for similar information.  Instead of submitting that information for each school, LSDAS allows you to just input the information once.  It is also the centralized repository where your letters of recommendation will be sent and where you will upload your personal statement.  You should familiarize yourself with how LSDAS works because you will be using it extensively.


How do I find the LSDAS?

The LSDAS is maintained by LSAC and can be accessed through their website, www.lsac.org.


Do I need to register for it?

You will need to register for both an LSAC account (free) and an LSDAS account (not free).  You will need to register for an LSAC account in order to register for the LSAT and you can do that at any time.  You should register for the LSDAS roughly six weeks before you plan on submitting your applications.  That will give you plenty of time to get everything assembled and submitted.


Is there any help for navigating around LSAC.org?

Yes, there is.  In fact, the LSAC does a fairly good job of supporting users and guiding you through the steps that are necessary to take.  For example, you can start here for links to frequently asked questions.  There are also video tutorials that are very useful.  Those can be found here.

In addition to these resources, LSAC offers support through phone and e-mail contact.  That information is available here.