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CSBS Unveils New Website Design

(NORTHRIDGE, Calif., Nov. 27, 2006) -- If you clicked on the the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences web page today you might have noticed something different, very different. The College unveiled its first major web update in nearly two years today. However, the new site isn't just a cosmetic makeover. The CSBS web site has been completely revamped and rebuilt. It is a living document that will change and grow with the needs of the College, its students and the greater community.

The driving force behind the new look, feel and functionality is the need to address ADA accessibility issues. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that all state and federal web sites be made accessible to persons with disabilities. Commonly referred to as "Section 508," this specific portion of the act was designed to help ensure all of our citizens have access to the informational and educational opportunities present on publicly funded web sites.

If the pages look a little familiar that is because the new CSBS web site is based on design templates originally built by ITR for the CSUN homepage.  However, the College web pages are not an exact copy of the University page. Our pages have been rebuilt and customized from those initial templates. There is lot of flexibility in the designs and the cascading style sheets (CSS) that drive their look and feel. Later roll-outs will showcase increased functionality and highlight dynamic, multi-media content.  

The new pages unveiled today exceed the current accessibility guidelines set down by state and federal law and go a long way towards bringing our educational message to all. As of this writing, though, only the CSBS homepage and its supporting pages have been formatted in the new style. Over the next several months, all of the pages linked to the CSBS web presence will be reformatted to be 508 Compliant.


If you have comments or questions about the new web page(s) please send them to: