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Hip Hop Politics

True Revolutionary Thugism (.pdf)
Kalic Chambers

The Black Political Shift
Garfield Bright

Put Up or Shut Up
Laura Bahr

Exodus (.pdf)
Andy Bray

Sexuality and Gender

Get in Where You Fit in (.pdf)
Jasmin A. Young

Feminism in Hip-Hop Culture
Janise Randall

Hyper-Masculinity and Hip-Hop
Season Barnette

Contemporary Issues

Hurricane Katrina and the Hip-Hop Community
Michelle Hartzog

Be for Him or Against Him (.pdf)
Candace Quinn

Vote and Die
Alexandria P. Barabin

A Case for a New Curriculum
Garfield Bright

Language and Art

The N**** and B**** Epidemic
Dennis Mercier

Wuz up nigga, My niggaz, You nigger! (.pdf)
Patrice R. Ferguson

Rap: As a Literary Art
Chystal King

Spoken Word: Hip-Hop’s Last Hope
Sean Hill

Sounding Off

Garfield Bright

Been Hookin’ 4 Your Record (.pdf)
Alexandria P. Barabin

Ode to Hip-Hop: “From a Blighted Fan”
Kalic Chambers

Sean Hill

And He Was Beautiful…
Alexandria P. Barabin


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