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Geography Professor Wins CSUN Award

Dr. Steve GravesGeography Department faculty member Dr. Steven Graves has won the 2008 Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award, CSUN’s top honors for research.  Steve’s investigation, which is published in the prestigious Ohio State Law Journal with co-author Christopher Peterson, examined locations of predatory lenders.  Through mapping and other statistical techniques, a clear pattern emerged of payday and other such lenders locating close to military bases.  Steve’s research thus helped demonstrate that these lenders, who offer loans at up to 400% interest, target military personnel in their marketing and location practices.

Steve’s research has caused quite a stir: besides being among the top downloaded articles on Consumer Law last year, the findings have been citied in numerous media reports, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC World News Tonight, and NPR, and has drawn the attention of government officials in the U.S. Congress and the military.  This research has already had an impact on public policy, leading to federal and state legislation placing caps on interest rates.

The study performed by Dr. Graves represents outstanding achievement in applied social science research that combines sound technique and a pressing issue to help achieve beneficial results.  For these accomplishments Steve is to be heartily congratulated.

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