Current Conditions (Hourly Observation Data)

Current observation data is recorded hourly and updated every 24 hours. Unless otherwise noted, observation data is presented for the past week. At the present time, Eel Point is the only station actively serving real-time climatic data.

  • Air Temperature/Relative Humidity (Graph)
  • Eel Point (.jpg)
  • Fuel Temperature/Moisture (Graph)
  • Eel Point (.jpg)
  • Accumulated Rainfall (Graph)- *Data presented for the past month
  • Eel Point (.jpg)
  • Windrose (Graph)
  • Eel Point (.jpg)
  • All Climatic Variables (Spreadsheet)
  • Eel Point (.xls)


Please Note:  Station Times are set to Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Warning! This data is preliminary and subject to revision.