Making a Decision to Seek Counseling

Knowing when to speak with a counselor is a difficult decision to make. Often individuals think about going to psychological counseling for months or even years before they actually make an appointment. It takes courage to speak about your personal issues with a counselor. We believe you do not need to be "sick" to speak with a counselor, you just need to "feel stuck." Our counselors are specialists in working with college students and the variety of concerns they share in counseling. Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to discuss any questions you may have about the counseling process. Our goal is to take the mystery and shame out of your counseling experience at University Counseling Services.

Benefits of Counseling

Psychological counseling offers students an opportunity to learn about themselves and others. The major goal of psychological counseling is to help students learn strategies to cope with the demands of life that can be beneficial now and in the future.

Become Involved at UCS

UCS has for many years offered opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to earn course credit and learn how to provide presentations on a variety of psychologically related topics to fellow students.