Counseling Services

I'd Like to Speak to a Counselor, But...

"I'm concerned that it won't be private."

All counseling sessions are strictly confidential. Counselor records are entirely separate from academic files, and are unavailable and inaccessible to faculty, administration, etc.

"I'm afraid that speaking to a counselor means that I'm crazy."

On the contrary, being able to ask for help often indicates maturity and a sense of security in oneself.

"I don't think my problems are severe enough."

Counseling Services work with students with a variety of problems, ranging from reactions to minor temporary situations to on-going, more serious concerns.

"I can't afford to pay for counseling."

CSUN's counseling is available at no charge to all currently enrolled students.

"I Can always talk to a friend."

Although friends can provide wonderful support and empathy, they often are unable to be objective, and they may lack the necessary training regarding psychological dynamics. Furtermore ina friendship, the needs of both people must be attended to since friendships require mutual exchange of listening and sharing. In a counseling relationship, the focus is solely on the needs of the individual seeking assistance.

"I don't believe just talking can do any good."

Sharing information in an environment that is non-judgemental and caring often helps relieve the emotional pressure caused by keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves. Counseling, however, is more than just talking. It is also a way of understanding who we are and how we relate to the world around us, by focusing attention on the underlying dynamics about which we may have been previously unaware. This provides new ways of lookin at our problems and opens up new choices about to how to handle these problems.

"I'm betraying my family."

Counselors are sensitive and respectful of concerns about family traditions and privacy. If conflicts about loyalty to family and culture are of concern, these issues can be discussed in the first session before more personal matters are addressed.

"I'm so awkward and shy, I wouldn't know what to say."

Counselors are trained to facilitate communication between people. Usually, after an initial period of shyness, comfortable rapport emerges and talking becomes easier and more relaxed.

"If I talk about my problems, I'll just make them worse."

On the contrary, opening up to previoiusly suppressed concerns and worries helps disspate the pain and intensity, and helps us understand our problems more completely. This facilitates a better understanding of choices, thereby providing a better forum for decision making.