Counseling Services


Making an Appointment

Making your first appointment is an easy process. Please call 818-677-2366 (TTY users call 818-677-7834) between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. During this call you will speak to one of our staff members and schedule your initial appointment.

UCS is fully committed to schedule you to see a counselor as soon as possible. However, sometimes more students ask for services than our counselors can accommodate, and this can lead to short waiting periods of one or two weeks before the initial intake interview. If your presenting concern involves an emergency or crisis, please inform our staff and they will discuss our emergency and urgent care services.

The First Appointment

The receptionists will ask you to arrive 30 minutes early to your first appointment because you will need to complete the necessary paperwork, similar to the forms you would complete before seeing a doctor for the first time. These forms will provide information about your history, your family and your current concerns. This information is quite valuable in helping us understand your needs.

Instead of waiting until your appointment date you can: Submit your Forms online via MyHealth@CSUN

During your first appointment you will meet with one of our counselors and discuss the concerns that led you to visit University Counseling Services and how these concerns have impacted you. This appointment usually lasts between 35-50 minutes and it gives the counselor the opportunity to learn about your needs and discuss how the services provided by UCS may help.

The intake counselor may refer you to individual short term counseling, groups, workshops, or recommend you see a psychiatrist for a medication evaluation. For students who may benefit for longer term or specialized treatment, the intake counselor may direct students to outside psychologists or treatment agencies to receive the care needed.