Welcome CSUN parents!

So you and your child have finally made it! All the hard work over the years has finally paid off - she or he is now in college! Congratulations!!!

This is a most exciting time for everyone, with much change and adjustment. As with most new situations, you may be feeling both excited and worried. We at University Counseling Services recognize that your concerns are common to many parents and family members. We hope this page will provide some helpful answers to these important questions.

For parents of students in their first year at CSUN

The Top 10 Things A Parent Can Do to Promote Student Success in College

What if your child is the first one in your family to attend college?

We offer a wide range of services to help students deal with the ups and downs of college life. If you feel your child may benefit from counseling, please have them contact us to set up an appointment. You may also contact us if you have a question regarding our services and how to help your student.

Freshman Year Experience