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Groups Offered in Spring 2014

ADHD Brain: A 90 minute workshop to discover the neurobiology, medication options & strategies for managing your ADHD.

Anxiety Management: In this safe & supportive group, you'll learn proven techniques for reducing anxiety.

Body Esteem Boot Camp: Workshop series that focuses on increasing positive body esteem.

Building Self-Esteem: Feel better about yourself and learn to maintain your self-esteem through life's "ups and downs."

Choice or Chance*: Decision-making workshop for students who are undecided about their major or career.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women's Support Group: A supportive and friendly space for deaf and hard of hearing women.

Depression Management: A safe place to learn techniques to increase enjoyment in your life.

Grief & Loss Support*: Connect with a supportive group of peers dealing with death, loss, and grief.

LGBTQ Support*: A safe, confidential space to discuss your experiences, with other LGBTQ students.

Nourish: The Body & The Self*: A process oriented group exploring your relationship with body, food, self, and others.

Overcoming Procrastination: Blend awareness with proven techniques to get things done effectively.

Public Speaking Anxiety Workshop: A two hour workshop to help you understand & manage the anxiety of speaking in front of groups.

Relationship Group*: Learn how to have close, satisfying relationships in a supportive, confidential setting.

Relaxation Workshop: Learn through guided imagery and mindfulness how to bring relaxation and positive energy into your brain and body. *Drop-in group*

Say Goodbye to Shy: Learn strategies to overcome shyness, manage social anxiety, and increase comfort in social and classroom situations.

Sistahood Community: Come experience a supportive environment for African-American/Black female students.

Social Group*: A supportive and friendly space for social development.

Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse*: A caring group for women and men to help work through the trauma of molestation and incest.

Women's Support*: A support group for female students to share in a safe, confidential, and empowering environment.

ExCEL Academic Support Group*: A support group for committed students interested in sustaining motivation.

*Group requires a brief personal interview prior to start date