Self Assessment Questionnaire

Confidence and Enjoyment of Learning Questionnaire

College students have varying levels (from very high to very low) in their Confidence and Enjoyment of Learning. This usually depends on the subject matter and type of assignment. Becoming aware of the subjects and learning assignments you may have experienced lower levels of confidence and enjoyment is the first step towards finding new ways to approach your academics.

How Can You Find Out if You are Experiencing Low Confidence and Enjoyment in Learning?

Take this short questionnaire as a way to better understand your potential learning roadblocks.

Check your Attitude

I believe that even if I put in the effort I will not do well in the class or the assignment.
I blame the teacher when I am not doing well in a class.
I believe I am not a smart person when it comes to school.
I sometimes or often feel I do not belong in college.
I sometimes or often worry that others will view me as "stupid".
I have given up caring about my grades in a class.
I hate going to the class.

Check your Behavior

I wait until the last minute to do the homework in the class.
I don't go to class.
I say yes what I understand the material, even when I do not.
I copy someone else's homework.
I give up easily when the school work is too hard.
I give up easily when the school work is too boring.
I make excuses to others why I am not doing well in a certain class.

Check your History

I have for many years viewed myself as a poor student.
I have been told for many years that I am a lazy student.
I have for many years not enjoyed going to class.
I view school as primarily a social event.

Thanks for taking the self assessment questionnaire. How many boxes did you check? If you have checked more than 3 boxes it is very likely you would benefit from ExCEL counseling or a workshop. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Find out how to make an appointment with an ExCEL counselor or sign up for a workshop.