About ExCEL

ExCEL programs are individualized counseling and group workshops designed to help you Experience more Confidence and Enjoyment in your Learning opportunities at CSUN. Remember when you were a kid filled with curiosity and a love of learning? Remember when nothing would get in you way of leaning how to ride a bicycle, master a video game or put together a difficult puzzle. We would like to help you rediscover that enthusiasm, curiosity and confidence in learning through our ExCEL programs. Learning does not have to be experienced as a tedious and boring activity. Learn how to enjoy and have more confidence in your learning journey at CSUN. Find out more information about ExCEL

Why do we offer ExCEL programs?

Our counselors have found that a significant percentage of college students have a difficult time enjoying their learning opportunities while in college. Many students have experienced "mini" academic traumas before they enter college that reduces their confidence to learn new and difficult material. Enjoyment and confidence in learning are two important variables in achieving academic success.

Your Confidence and Enjoyment in Learning is Not Permanent, it can be Increased.