Ticketing Information



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When you login initially you will need to click "forgot my password" to have a temporary password generated for you. 

Your ticketing account is not linked to your portal. You will need to create a NEW PASSWORD for ticketing purposes.


In order to ensure adequate seating for all, guests of graduates will be required to possess a ticket in order to gain admittance to the Oviatt Library lawn venue for the 2015 commencement ceremonies. Graduates will be able to initially request up to seven guest tickets (free of charge) to accommodate their guests.

General Information

  • All guests will be required to possess a ticket in order to gain admittance into the Oviatt Library lawn venue.
  • An email will be sent to all eligible graduates with specific instructions on how to access their ticket account and print their guest tickets. If you are experiencing issues with finding the link, click here to be redirected to the Ticketmaster Account Manager Page.  
  • Graduates will be allowed to initially request up to seven tickets for guests.
  • Students will be able to request additional ticket through their ticket account up until the April 17th deadline.
  • Tickets will be free of charge.
  • Students are responsible to print and distribute tickets to their guests prior to the commencement ceremony.
  • Guest tickets must be printed by Friday, April 17, 2015.
  • Students should only print tickets that will be used by guests.
  • Tickets that are not requested will be available to graduates who are in need of additional tickets to accommodate their guests.
  • Graduates (and participating faculty) will not need a ticket for admittance to the ceremony at which their degrees are being conferred.

Additional Ticketing Questions and Information

  • Students must print their tickets by the deadline (April 17th, 2015) 
  • Ticketing accounts will be temporarily disabled on April 18th (for approx. 1 to 2 weeks) during which students  cannot reprint, view, etc., their tickets. 
  • Students will be notified by CSUN email about their additional ticket requests.  We will make every effort to accommodate these requests but it is not guaranteed. 
  • If students misplace their tickets they can be reprinted, which will void out their misplaced tickets. This function can be found on the student ticketing account.
  • If students are not granted access to their ticket account it is possible that they are not eligible to participate.  Please review the commencement procedures for more information on eligibility.
  • If you have any problem printing your tickets, please review the FAQ section of the commencement website, or send an email to
  • Students sometimes find that they are "locked-out" of their ticket account which is a result of unsuccessful log-in attempts.  If you find yourself 'locked-out', please wait till the next day to retry gaining access to their ticketing account. 
  • Most ticketing problems are due to student's misunderstanding of accounts and passwords.  Please read over the instructions prior and/or review the ticketing tutorial prior to contacting
  • Tickets printed by the official deadline will remain on a student's ticket account and can be reprinted if they are misplaced.  If reprinted, the misplaced ticket will become void and cannot be utilized.


Requesting Additional Tickets

Additional Tickets will need to be requested on your Ticket Account Page prior to April 17th.  

  • After reviewing your commencement ticket email and successfully printing your tickets, please do the following to request additional tickets.
    • Click the “View All Quick Links” drop down menu
    • Click “View/Edit Settings”
    • Click “Request additional Commencement Tickets”
    • Select the amount of additional tickets desired. You can request up to 6 additional tickets

Request Additional Tickets Tutorial

Tickets on Graduation Day

  • All guests must have a ticket for entry. Graduates themselves do not need a ticket to participate.
  • All tickets will be scanned at entry of the commencement ceremony site.
  • Children must have a ticket unless seated in an adult's lap throughout the ceremony. Please note that strollers will not be allowed into the venue.
  • Guest must retain their tickets throughout the ceremony.

Technical Difficulties with Ticketing Accounts

Including: Password/Login, "Locked out of account", Can't locate tickets after receiving email confirmation of print

Most problems can be resolved by carefully following the step by step processes offered in the Ticket Tutorial above. If you cannot resolve your technical problem, please email with the following information. 

Subject Line: Technical Difficulties

  • Name
  • CSUN email address
  • ID Number
  • Ceremony Date/Time
  • Brief explanation of situation (must use one of the following)
    • Password/Login (can't access your ticket account)
    • Ceremony tickets are for the wrong ceremony
    • Locked out of account
    • Can't locate tickets but have received confirmation of them having printed
  • Screen Shot (If able, please provide a screen shot of the page you are experiencing your technical problem)