If You Didn't Make It To GRADFEST…

We're sorry that you missed out. Be sure to connect with the Matador Bookstore at your earliest convenience to order your cap and gown and refer to the Commencement Handbook to satisfy all general inquiries regarding commencement. Checkout the Contacts under the Resources tab of the commencement website to locate the list of vendors and their services to address your needs.

Reserve Your Guest Tickets

An email was sent to all eligible graduating students through their CSUN email account with specific instructions on how to access the account and print up to 7 guest tickets. If you have yet to receive this email, refer to the Ticketing Information page on the commencement website to troubleshoot.

Commencement Handbook

Be sure to reference the Official Commencement Handbook that was distributed during GradFest. This handbook details much of the information that ceremony participants, families, and friends wish to know as they anticipate their graduation day.

Still Have Questions?

The website's FAQ section can possibly answer some of the questions that are still on your mind like:

  • What happens if I am a double major?

  • What time should I arrive?

  • What’s the difference between Graduating with University Honors, and attending the Honors Convocation?

Watch Commencements Live – Online!
Each Commencement Ceremony will be streaming live so that your family and friends who are unable to attend your ceremony can celebrate with you as you walk across that stage. Be sure to check out the “LIVE Feed” icon  as we move closer to your ceremony.