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Access Keys

This information applies to pages in the CSUN template system. Windows-press ALT + an access key. Macintosh-press CTRL + an access key.

The following access keys are available:

Michael D. Eisner College of Education

College of Education

Instructions for Network Scanners

1. Launch the application Epson Scan (in folder /Applications/Epson Software). If you see the error “Network scanner is not available” then someone (nearby) is using the Epson scanner. Ask that person to close the Epson Scan application.


2. In the Epson Scan window: select settings as in the 1st screenshot, if not already set.

3. On the next screen (2nd screenshot):

  1. Choose the Location where your documents will go to;
  2. Next choose the Prefix for your file name (the scanner will automatically name the pages using this Prefix plus the page number). PLEASE REMEMBER THESE TWO CHOICES to locate your documents later.
  3. Choose the Image Format type as PDF if you want to submit as PDF files.

When scanning is done: click “Save File”. Your scanned pages will be in the folder that you chose above.

epson 2