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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

special education


Beth Lasky

Ph.D. in Special Education with a minor in bilingual education, University of Arizona, 1986.

Phone: (818) 677-2725
email: beth.lasky@csun.edu
Office:  ED 2205
Specialization:            Mild/Moderate disabilities
SPED400  Introduction to Special Education
SPED 403  Early Fieldwork Seminar in Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Professional Interests:  Strategies and approaches for academic improvement of underachieving students.  Teacher preparation in urban schools, inclusive practices for learners with mild/moderate disabilities.  Preparing school principals in the needs of teachers and students with disabilities,
Background:  Dr. Lasky has considerable experience teaching students with disabilities.  She has focused her work around two areas:  the training of principals, and the Strategic Instructional Model.  In 2006 an article she co-wrote, “Meeting the needs of students with disabilities:  Experience and confidence of principals” was published and has received interest nationwide.  This research has led to additional articles on resources for principals and administrators.  About 20 years ago she became a Professional Developer of the Strategic Instruction Model (SIM), and has continued to keep her knowledge of SIM up to date by attending update meetings every couple of years.  This model includes strategies and routines to teach in ways that all students can understand.  She has been using SIM in many of her teacher education courses.  In modeling the use of these routines and strategies, not only does she ensure her own teaching candidates are being effectively taught, they are also learning important techniques to use in their own K-12 classrooms.