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TPE 3: Interpretation and Use of Assessments

Candidates for a Teaching Credential understand and use a variety of informal and formal, as well as formative and summative assessments, to determine students’ progress and plan instruction.  They know about and can appropriately implement the state-adopted student assessment program.  Candidates understand the purposes and uses of different types of diagnostic instruments, including entry level, progress-monitoring and summative assessments.  They use multiple measures, including information from families, to assess student knowledge, skills, and behaviors.  They know when and how to use specialized assessments based on students' needs.  Candidates know about and can appropriately use informal classroom assessments and analyze student work.  They teach students how to use self-assessment strategies.  Candidates provide guidance and time for students to practice these strategies.

Candidates understand how to familiarize students with the format of standardized tests.  They know how to appropriately administer standardized tests, including when to make accommodations for students with special needs.  They know how to accurately interpret assessment results of individuals and groups in order to develop and modify instruction.  Candidates interpret assessment data to identify the level of proficiency of English language learners in English as well as in the students’ primary language.  They give students specific, timely feedback on their learning, and maintain accurate records summarizing student achievement.  They are able to explain, to students and to their families, student academic and behavioral strengths, areas for academic growth, promotion and retention policies, and how a grade or progress report is derived.  Candidates can clearly explain to families how to help students achieve the curriculum.

Required: Two or more examples of student work with teacher responses.