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TPE 12:  Professional, Legal, and Ethical Obligations

Candidates for a Teaching Credential take responsibility for student academic learning outcomes.  They are aware of their own personal values and biases and recognize ways in which these values and biases affect the teaching and learning of students.  They resist racism and acts of intolerance.  Candidates appropriately manage their professional time spent in teaching responsibilities to ensure that academic goals are met.  They understand important elements of California and federal laws and procedures pertaining to the education of English learners, gifted students, and individuals with disabilities, including implications for their placement in classrooms.  Candidates can identify suspected cases of child abuse, neglect, or sexual harassment.  They maintain a non-hostile classroom environment.  They carry out laws and district guidelines for reporting such cases.  They understand and implement school and district policies and state and federal law in responding to inappropriate or violent student behavior. 

Candidates for a Teaching Credential understand and honor legal and professional obligations to protect the privacy, health, and safety of students, families, and other school professionals.  They are aware of and act in accordance with ethical considerations and they model ethical behaviors for students.  Candidates understand and honor all laws relating to professional misconduct and moral fitness.