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Masters of Arts - Mathematics Education

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Overview description of program

The CSUN Subject Specialist–Mathematics Master’s Degree program is designed especially for secondary mathematics teachers. During this two-year cohorted program, you will:

Readings, in-class activities, and assignments aim to help you apply current research and technologies to make your teaching more effective. Most major assignments center on your personal teaching experiences in your current classroom. The culmination of the program is your own research project in which you investigate a mathematics teaching or learning question through a systematic classroom-based study. In addition to becoming more effective mathematics teachers, graduates of this program will be well prepared for roles as department chair, math coach, or teacher leaders; for leading conference sessions or workshops; for some community-college positions; and for further study at the doctoral level.

The cohorted program comprises 10 courses (30 units): 8 core courses and 2 electives. Core classes meet from 4:00 – 6:45 pm and 7:00 – 9:45 pm every Tuesday for four semesters. These classes are generally reserved for the mathematics-education masters cohort: a small group of mathematics teachers who will be one of the most powerful sources of your learning in the program. The professional and personal connections you develop with cohort-mates will last well beyond graduation and serve as resources for years to come. The next cohort will run from Fall 2014 to Spring 2016. The two elective courses, in education or mathematics, are normally taken during the two-year program; some students will be able to substitute courses taken prior to this program (e.g., in a recent CSUN teaching-credential program) for these two electives.

Applying to the Math-Education Master's Program

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