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Masters Program - Admissions

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I. Advisement

II. Applications
     a.  Department Application
     b.  University Application, using either


IV. Notes

  • The Graduate Advisor signs and returns the 1295 form. It is then signed in Graduate Evaluations, and copies are distributed to the student, the Department, and Graduate Evaluations. As a result, the student receives the necessary info to register for classes.
  • All fully classified candidates should complete a program plan in the first semester.  The program plan lists all the courses s/he will take during the program.  All MA students must submit this prior to completing 12 units of a program.
  • All conditionally classified candidates arrange to meet the missing requirement(s): taking the UDWPE or the GRE (or MAT), etc.  They submit a copy of scores to the Graduate
  • Advisor who then completes a  Request to Change Classification form, signed by the student and the Graduate Advisor.  With this form we also usually submit the program plan, along with any necessary petitions.