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The ATACP meets the 100 hour requirement for a certificate in Assistive Technology Applications with 10 CEUs from California State University, Northridge's Tseng College and the Center on Disabilities.

The 16-week course includes 7 modules as described below:

ATACP 1 Welcome to ATACP 7 hours This course module reviews the expectations and course work to be done in ATACP.
ATACP 2 Intro into AT 7 hours This introductory module will cover the potential of assistive technology to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. In addition, the field of assistive technology is ever-changing and this module will discuss new areas of emphasis and growing trends in the field.
ATACP 3 Assessment 12 hours Assistive Technology recommendations are best when they meet the needs of the individual requiring AT and address the outcomes desired. This module focuses on the AT assessment process in order to effectively identify an appropriate action plan.
ATACP 4 AT Populations & Case Studies 38 hours Participants will discover through case studies how assistive technology can be applied to support a person with a disability reach their individual goal(s). A wide range of practical applications and a broad scope of assistive technology will be addressed. This module will guide the participant through various assistive technologies that address various needs and populations.
ATACP 5 Computer Access 12 hours This module will focus on specific areas of assistive technology and elaborate on individual features of technology, applications, and resources to gain further knowledge.
ATACP 6 AT Administration 12 hours As an AT professional, it is important to understand the leadership traits necessary to ultimately meet the needs of your clients. Leadership within this field has a tremendous impact on many aspects of AT including service delivery, device production, universal design, etc. In addition, this module will cover issues in funding, legislation and policy.
ATACP 7 Final Project 12 hours A practical independent or group project is required in order to earn the certificate. Participants are encouraged to develop a project/action plan to meet the needs of an individual with a disability and/or their organization. Project/action plan will be developed and approved.