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Strache Leadership Award Nominations

The CSUN Assistive Technology Conference is Now Accepting Nominations!

The Strache Leadership Award was established and first presented in 1988 to Dr. Fred Strache. The award acknowledges the leadership of the recipient in the field of disability and technology. Specifically, the award acknowledges that the recipient continues to educate, to work with students as an educator and as a mentor, while remaining a leader in their respective field through publications, presentations and research.

Dr. Fred Strache, who just retired from CSUN in 2001, had held many positions, including VP for student affairs. He was a very active and progressive administrator, but his primary emphasis was always on students. Regardless of the type of project discussed with him, he would be supportive, but always ask what the benefits to our students would be.

The award is presented at the Keynote Address held on Tuesday evening at the CSUN Assistive Technology Conference.