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Inclusive Design Fundamentals for Web and Mobile

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Monday, February 27, 2017 - 9:00 AM PST  
Balboa ABC, 2nd Floor, Seaport Tower  

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Employment & Workplace  
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Web
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The goal of many designers is to create products that are delightful to use for as many people as possible. This is often called “inclusive design”. To achieve this goal, teams must engage with accessibility from the first moments of the development process. This workshop will introduce several important topics which are best considered during the design phase for a product, such as forms, use of color, navigation, and more. For each topic the following will be provided: a general description, an explanation on how individuals with a disability may be impacted, real-world examples, and a checklist of considerations to look out for. Topics may also include practical exercises to help designers learn how to annotate and critique designs, and to communicate accessibility aspects of their designs to other team members. This workshop is aimed at professionals who take part in the design process for web and mobile sites and applications, such as visual designers, user experience designers, content specialists, product managers, and front-end developers. When they leave, participants will take with them a set of practical exercises and a quick reference guide for inclusive design practices. Attendees will receive a summary / checklist for each major topic covered in the workshop, which will be printed and available in digital format. For each exercise, digital instructions and links to the live page(s) being used as examples will be provided to all participants in addition to paper handouts. For exercises which solely involve a visual component, attendees will be split into groups which each contain at least one sighted user.

Matt is a JavaScript Developer and specializes in teaching development teams to plan, test, and code for accessibility and has helped orchestrate large remediation efforts of complex enterprise applications. He is intrigued by the idea of the computer system as an expression of human neurobiology, and champions the notion that accessible web content is better understood by both humans and computers.

Caitlin is a UX designer her and she is passionate about understanding the users she’s designing for, and she continually strives to incorporate accessibility elements into her work in order to ensure that all users can benefit from inclusive design.

Dennis is a Senior Accessibility Consultant. His background includes web development, inclusive design and product management. Dennis has published numerous articles, led several webinars, and presented at many conferences. As personal projects, Dennis runs a blog on web accessibility, Web Axe, and created an award-winning web-accessible Twitter app, Easy Chirp.  


  • Matt Isner
  • Caitlin Geier
    Deque Systems
  • Dennis Lembree
    Deque Systems

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