PREPARE for Success with the New WYNN 7!

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Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 10:40 AM PST  
Manchester A - Freedom, 2nd Floor  

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Track/Topic: Blind/Low Vision

Session Type: General Track

Come see the new WYNN 7 with the revolutionary PAL tools, including the PREPARE process, a well-researched and systematic educational process to support active interaction with text, including supports for reading, writing, studying, and organizing notes. The PREPARE process takes a student through each step of an assignment, from pre-reading to reading for details, taking notes, studying for tests, and putting notes into a written paper to satisfy the writing styles in the Common Core State Standards. The tools in the process, including notecards and writing templates, can be used on their own as well as part of the PREPARE process.


  • Beth Thomlinson

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