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Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference
March 19-24 Los Angeles, CA

About the Conference



Exhibitors & Sponsors


Our new online registration process will allow you to access your sessions, make payment, verify equipment needs and verify location and time of presentation. To register, please go to Let'sGoExpo

As always if you need assistance with registration, staff at the Center on Disabilities are available to provide you with personal attention. Please contact a Conference & Training representative at (818) 677-2578 or email at for assistance.

Pre-Conference Workshop Schedule

Pre-Conference Workshops will be offered on Monday, March 19, 2007 and Tuesday, March 20, 2007. These workshops are designed to give in-depth training on specific topics. Visit LetsGoExpo's Pre-Conference Workshop Schedule.

The schedule is still subject to change. To view the schedule and reserve your space in pre-conference sessions, select Pre-Conference Sessions.

Please note: Due to limited seating, you must register for each Pre-Conference Workshop.

All Monday Pre-Conference Workshops will be held at the Marriott & Hilton Hotels. If checking in on Sunday, March 18 or Monday, March 19, please come to the "Conference Registration Desk" at the Marriott Hotel only.

RESNA CEU's are available for Pre-Conference Workshops.

Certified Education Units (CEUs) will be available for the conference's Full-Day and Half-Day Pre-Conference Workshops. CEUs will be provided by RESNA, an authorized provider of International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) CEUs. A flat fee of $16 covers all CEU fees for unlimited Pre-Conference Workshops. This fee is payable during the conference at the CEU Station located at the Speaker/Exhibitor Registration Desk" in the Marriott Hotel.


Building a Better Classroom:
Engaging Autistic Students to Learn through Assistive Technology

Date: Monday March 19, 2007
Level/Length: Beginner, Full Day
Presenters: Myra Jessie Flint & Tracie L. Mauch

In recent years with advancements in technology and the education of children with autism, a successful collaboration has emerged that shows great promise for the future. This full day session will focus on that collaboration by presenting proven methods and materials that support communication, language, and literacy, through high and low tech means.

Session attendees will participate in an interactive learning event using multimedia tools, hands on experiences and examples. This session will provide examples of standards based learning supported by AT and resources to provide a total communication approach to learning. Online resources will be presented for pre-made items and instructions on how to individualize for the educational needs of each student.


Make & Take!: Adapted Books and Literacy for Students with Severe Cognitive Deficits
Date: Monday March 19, 2007
Level/Length: Beginner, Full Day
Presenters: Patricia Ourand, Roslyn Canosa & Tiffany West

The participant will learn that literacy skills will increase and improve the quality of life for all.

The “Make and Take” workshop will focus on background information describing and discussing features of print processing critical to skill development for all students, including those with severe cognitive delays. It will also discuss the technology necessary for the student and the adult (e.g., educator, parent, para-professional) throughout the process of adapting text and improving literacy skills. It will end with each participant leaving with an adapted version of a book purchased and brought to the workshop.

The concept of “partial participation”, a valid method for interacting across areas of life participation (e.g., cooking, hygiene, social, recreation) allowing individuals to realize that even some modicum of involvement or participation, as opposed to independence, constitutes “literacy”. 


Aging at Home and in the Workplace: Issues Surrounding Disability
Date: Monday March 19 2007
Level/Length: Beginner, Full Day
Presenters: Michael D. Williams, Jon Sanford, & Dory Sabata

Today's home and workplace environments include increasing numbers of seniors, many of whom have disabilities and a need for accommodations. Home and workplace accommodations consist of strategies, environmental modifications or assistive technologies that help a person perform tasks that he or she might not be able to perform otherwise, or as efficiently. This pre-conference session will discuss issues and concerns faced by older persons with disabling conditions. The session will use case studies, research results, and discussion with the participants including: aging at home, in the workplace and implementation of accommodations.


The Motivating Factor: Creating Multimedia on the Mac without Mouse and Keyboard
Date: Monday March 19, 2007
Level/Length: Intermediate, Full Day
Presenters: David Niemeijer, Scott Marfilius & Kelly Fonner

One of the driving factors in achieving success when it comes to assistive technology is motivation. This is equally true for children and adults. Without sufficient motivation of the user, computer equipment will be under utilized in the best case or gathering dust in the worst case. In this workshop we will explore how users with serious physical impairments, who cannot typically use a regular keyboard and mouse, can access their computer and create their own multimedia productions using the standard software programs included with Mac OS X.


Accessible Web Site Design Process: Production, Analysis, and Usability
Date: Monday March 19, 2007
Length/Level: Intermediate, Full Day
Presenter: Charlie Pike & Hans Hillen

Participants learn how to design, create, and test web sites, services, and applications to be accessible to people with disabilities. Participants will learn how to implement core HTML, CSS, and other programmatic techniques to ensure web site accessibility.


Learn to Customize and Personalize JAWS for Windows
Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007
Level/Length: Intermediate, Full Day
Presenter: Matt Ater & Steven Clark

Explore some of the advanced features of JAWS for Windows. This full day workshop will teach you to use features of JAWS for Windows and enhance your ability to use or support this adapted software. You will also learn to configure your Windows PC to work best with JAWS for Windows.


Access to Speech Generating
Devices: Strategies for Assessment and Practice

Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007
Level/Length: Beginner, Full Day
Presenter: Lisa G. Bardach

Questions abound regarding access to Speech Generating Devices: What options are available? How do we determine what options may be best for an individual? What can be done to access devices more efficiently? These and other related concerns will be addressed in this presentation.

This session will provide an in-depth exploration of access to SGDs, including: direct selection, single, dual, multiple switch, joystick, infrared pointing, and eye gaze. Assessment strategies will also be discussed. While this presentation is designed for those working with individuals with communication impairments, the access techniques that will be described are appropriate for computer access and environmental control as well.


Overview of Assistive Technology
Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007
Level/Length: Beginner, Full Day
Presenter: Russ Holland & Bridgett Perry

This workshop is intended as an introduction to assistive technology and tool to help newcomers to the field negotiate and make the most out of their CSUN experience. We start with an overview of the field and the environment in which it is operating in today's world. We then look at the philosophy and processes used to support children and adults with disabilities getting connected to the tools they need. With the stage set, we transition to a look at the areas of assistive technology, share examples of each and connect participants with the resources for further investigation in their areas of interest that the balance of their CSUN experience will offer.


Building Accessible Web
Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007
Length/Level: Intermediate, Full Day
Presenter: Steve Faulkner, Gez Lemon

In terms of accessibility, interface elements are undoubtedly the most problematic area that people with disabilities face on the web. This workshop demonstrates the types of accessibility problems people might face on the web, along with techniques and guidance on how to ensure interface elements are accessible to people with disabilities.


Concepts and Techniques for Creating Accessible, Closed Captioned Web-based Video
Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007
Level/Length: Intermediate, Half Day 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Presenter: David Klein & Kenneth “Fritz” Thompson

Participants of this half-day workshop will learn how to create accessible web-based video and will generate captioned Windows Media Player, QuickTime, and Flash videos embedded in HTML pages. Participants will leave having assembled captioned videos for these three players and with the open–source Flash video player developed by the presenters.


Accommodations in the Workplace: The How–To–Guide for Employment Practices
Date: Tuesday March 20th 2007
Level/Length: Beginner, Half Day 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Presenters: Karen Milchus & Sarah Endicott

Today's workplace includes increasing numbers of people with disabilities and seniors, many of whom may need workplace accommodations. Workplace accommodations are strategies, environmental modifications or assistive technology that help a person perform a job task that he or she might not be able to perform otherwise, or might not be able to perform as efficiently. This session will discuss legislative considerations, types of accommodations, the process for determining what accommodations may be needed, and resources to help implement these accommodations. The session will use case studies, research results, and discussion with the participants.


PowerPoint Tips and Tricks to
Produce Professional-looking

Date: Tuesday March 20, 2007 (Free Pre-Conference Session open to all)
Level/Length: Intermediate, Half Day 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Presenter: Deborah Gilden

This half-day workshop is designed for people who have a firm grasp of basic PowerPoint.  It will, however, include some new twists on basic topics such as template design and focus on the finer and more advanced aspects of PowerPoint design and presentation.  Included will be tips and tricks to make presentations look more professional and how to work faster and more efficiently (e.g. using keyboard shortcuts, adding useful buttons to your toolbars, etc.).  Participants will also receive information on how to make tables look better than the default design, where to find quality clip art and sounds, how to gain fine control of text, and use the format painter, and how to make a presentation accessible to some individuals with low vision.

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