2006 Conference General Sessions


Presenter #1

Monica Burgess
Saltillo Corporation
P0 Box 9309, Rapid City, SD 57709
800-635-5287 office
605-716-1926 fax  
330-674-6726 fax

Advances in microcomputer technology provide a tremendous opportunity for AAC Manufacturers to offer mobile children and adults with new options in AAC devices. The recent research by Saltillo Corporation suggests that the next generation of portable AAC devices will be easier to use, have more communication features (e.g., multi-language, multi-synthesizer), and have features typically used by non-impaired speakers (e.g., built-in cell phone, camera, web access, MP3 player). The accelerating migration of microcomputer products from high-cost proprietary systems to lower-cost commodities means that the benefit-to-cost ratio of AAC devices will increase with efficient design techniques