2006 Conference General Sessions

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Mark Sardo
Madentec Limited
4664 99th Street
Edmonton T6E 5H5 Canada

Day Phone: (607) 962-4207
Fax: (780) 988-6182
Email: marks@madcntec.com

This session will expose you, for the first time, to the features and benefits of the long awaited Discover for Macintosh OS X. This brand new software, which was written from scratch completely for OS X, features all three Discover input strategies: Discover Switch! (for switch access); Discover Point! (for head pointing access); and Discover Touch! (for expanded keyboard access). In addition to the many new access features, this product includes the ability to convert all Discover for Macintosh “Classic” Setups, and compatibility with the IntelliKeys and the new IntelliSwitch. This software is the most advanced computer access software available and takes full advantage of features in• the exciting new “Tiger” version of Mac OSX. Don’t miss this session - you will be “wowed” beyond your imagination!

Madentec and IntelliTools have simplified the process of selecting the most appropriate access tool to match to a person’s physical and cognitive abilities. We provide full featured Discover access based upon whether the person can “touch” the expanded IntelliKeys keyboard, “point” to a dynamic on-screen Discover Screen keyboard using a mouse (or mouse alternative such as TrackerPro), or provide complete Discover Switch scanning access with a simple “click” of a switch(es) connected on the side of the IntelliKeys or through the IntelliSwitch. Yes, we also included Morse Code input.

As expected, Discover for Macintosh OS X includes the full feature set of the previous Macintosh “Classic” version however, this is much more than just duplicating the previous set of features and making it run on OS X. We provide more robust tools for editing the look of the setups — including the graphics and/or text placed on the keys. Likewise, the audio support functions have been updated to include support for popular sound file types, including .mp3. These features alone allow for greater personalization to meet the end users exact needs.

Have you ever wanted to be able to scan on-screen Discover Setups using switches connected to IntelliTools hardware? With Discover for Mac OS X software you can turn the switch ports of IntelliKeys into Discover Switch. Furthermore, with the brand new wireless IntelliSwitch, you can take advantage of Discover Switch access strategies with the use of up to 5 switches. IntelliSwitch is the easiest way to empower success through switch access. Yes, IntelliTools and Madentec have collaborated to provide the most complete access solutions by combining the powerful features of Discover software with the elegance of IntelliKeys and the exciting new wireless IntelliSwitch hardware.

Have you ever wanted to use your Overlay Maker overlays on a Discover Board so that the user may have customized, auditory feedback immediately when each key is pressed? With Discover for Mac OS X software you can make and print Discover overlays and use them on IntelliKeys.
Switch access users said that they needed better control of their scanning environment. We now include features like “back out scanning” — which allows the user to efficiently get out of a scanning group that they had inadvertently scanned to without having to wait for the scan cycle to complete, or start all over by choosing an undesired key. Also included is “transition delay” — which provides an initial pause before the setup is scanned once activated.

This session will review all of the exciting access features of Discover OS X, and our exciting new partnership with IntelliTools. Come see why we fully believe that Discover for Macintosh OS X — was definitely worth the wait!

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