2006 Conference General Sessions

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1 + 1. + 1 = Wow! 1 Discover Software + 1 IntelliKeys + 1 IntelliSwitch = Powerful Computer Access!


Presenter #1

Mark  Sardo
Madentec Limited
4664 99th Street
Edmonton Alberta, Canada
T6E 5H5
Day Phone: (607) 962-4207
Fax: (780) 988-6182
Email: marks@madentec.com

Presenter #2
David Robertshaw
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma CA 94954
Day Phone: (707) 773-2000
Fax: (707) 773-2001
Email: drobertshaw@intellitools.com

Madentec and IntelliTools proudly announce an exciting new computer access solution. Come learn how to use the powerful features of Discover software with the elegant EntelliKeys and IntelliSwitch hardware.


Madentec Limited and IntelliTools are proud to announce a ground breaking partnership. The two most popular and trusted computer access companies have teamed up to provide unparalleled computer access solutions. Introducing IntelliSwitch!

For years, you’ve come to trust IntelliKeys to provide unprecedented alternative keyboard access to the computer and educational software. At the same time, you have come to expect customizable switch/scanning access from Discover:Switch. Meet the stunning new device called “IntelliSwitch” - a complete USB switch interface solution for the computer (both Macintosh and Windows). IntelliSwitch, a joint collaboration between Madentec and IntelliTools, allows input of up to S switches, plus there are two that are already built-in. Out-of-the-box and with no special set-up required, it is completely compatible with both Discover and IntelliTools software. And best of all - it’s wireless!

Furthermore, with the brand new wireless IntelliSwitch, you can take advantage of Discover Switch access strategies with the use of up to 5 switches. IntelliSwitch is the easiest way to empower success through switch access. Yes, IntelliTools and Madentec have collaborated to provide the most complete access solutions by combining the powerful features of Discover software with the elegance of IntelliKeys and the exciting new wireless IntelliSwitch hardware.
Have you ever wanted to use your Overlay Maker overlays on a Discover Board so that the user may have customized, auditory feedback immediately when each key is pressed? With the latest version of Discover software you can make and print Discover overlays and use them on IntelliKeys.
Madentec and IntelliTools have simplified the process of selecting the most appropriate access tool to match to a person’s physical and cognitive abilities. We provide full featured Discover access based upon whether the person can “touch” the expanded IntelliKeys keyboard, “point” to a dynamic on-screen Discover Screen keyboard using a mouse (or mouse alternative such as TrackerPro), or provide complete Discover Switch scanning access with a simple “click” of a switch(es) connected on the side of the IntelliKeys or through the IntelliSwitch.
Now you will be able to use the universal computer access provided by Discover to seamlessly access IntelliTools software, like the innovative Classroom Suite. This collaboration will guarantee that users will have all of the tools necessary to independently open IntelliTools software, access all of its features, manage documents, and exit the software. For even the most physically involved users, all of this may be done by simply clicking a switch.

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