2006 Conference General Sessions

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Presenter #1
Tatsuo Nishizawa
Shinano Kenshi/Plextor
6-15-26, Chuo
Day Phone: +81 268 28 8009
Fax: +81 268 22 5476
Email: tnishizawa@skcj.co.jp

Plextor introduced second generation of portable DAISY recorder by utilize direct CD recording technology with simplified operation and durability. (DAISY Related)

Complete Paper: PTR2 is designed to be a high quality recorder with the ability to create DAISY 2.02, audio only, books and Music CDs.  It can play DAISY titles, Music CDs and Audio File CDs and CF cards.  It can be used as a CD-RW or memory card drive when connected to a computer.  For quicker and easier editing of your DAISY content, the PTR2 is supplied with the Plextalk Recording Software (PRS).  This package gives you all the necessary tools to record, edit and finalize your own audio only DAISY 2.02 books.
PTR2 can be operated in 2 main modes called "Normal" mode and "Book Creator" mode.  You can switch between these 2 modes at any time.  The PTR2 will be supplied with Normal mode set as the default.
Normal mode gives you a simplified interface and makes the process of creating a recording very straightforward.  This mode of operation is ideal for a beginner or for someone who wants to make a recording quickly and easily.  Some of the more advanced recording and editing features are not available to you in this mode.
Book Creator mode gives you all the necessary tools to create a fully structured, audio only, DAISY 2.02 book including insert, punch in and overwrite recording, phrase editing and the ability to set heading levels.

The main body of PTR2 is surrounded by soft plastic material not only to absorb shocks, but also to prevent CDs from being scratched when inserting.  Also, the main body has the drip-proof structure in order to protect from accidental splash.
Also PTR2 complied with RoHS, The environmental directive called RoHS (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment directive) will be enforced in EU from July 2006.

About Shinano Kenshi / Plextor
In 1998, Shinano Kenshi / Plextor became the first company to ship a CD based DAISY player for the visually impaired. Since 1993, Shinano Kenshi/Plextor has been deeply involved in the project to develop a special CD player for the visually handicapped, with worldwide field trials held in 1996.  Also in 2002 the first portable DAISY recorder PTR1 was launched.

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