2006 Conference General Sessions




Claire Kane
Quay Street
Manchester M60 9EA United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0)161-827-2913
Fax: +44 (0)161-827-2966
Email: Claire.Kane@granadamedia.com

Try out software that encourages speech and language development. Demonstrate and practice computer-assisted vocalization activities. Learn strategies and experiment with hands-on learning. Software giveaways.

Technology can be very effective in supporting the inclusion of students with speech and language difficulties in the classroom. Well take a comprehensive look at a variety of resources, and share new ways to use your existing computer technology. Explore ground breaking voice reactive software, that encourages development of the building blocks of speech for non-vocal students. Blow up a balloon by making an extended sound. Use increases in volume to win a race. Build a photographic puzzle and paint a picture by making a series of short or specific sounds.  Put your voice to work as we demonstrate and practice various computer-assisted vocalization activities. Then well share a video showing a student with a vocabulary of just 4 words say her therapists name for the first time while using these intervention methods. Using a follow-the-leader teaching style, we will build confidence as we walk through guided teaching strategies. Well present new strategies for using everyday software such as PowerPoint or Word, to encourage and support students with speech and language difficulties. Try out software that encourages speech and language development, and extends and enriches the work in the classroom. Alongside this we will introduce you to hardware that can be helpful, and give you ideas of how to use it in the classroom. Each attendee receives a supplemental handout packed with useful resources, plus a subscription to www.elementaryzone.com.

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