2006 Conference General Sessions




Claire Kane
Quay Street
Manchester M60 9EA United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0)161-827-2913
Fax: +44 (0)161-827-2966
Email: Claire.Kane@granadamedia.com

Paint incredible pictures with simple mouse strokes. Try 3 projects to build confidence. Adapt software to accommodate diverse student needs. Bring your creativity! Software giveaways.

If you can use a mouse, you have all the skills necessary to paint incredible pictures and backgrounds on the computer. Experience firsthand how artwork can be a great confidence builder. Using Fresco we’ll see how an art package can simulate real art medium. Watercolors blend transparently, paint runs out on your brush, and pastels smudge with the slightest touch. We’ll discuss and explore strategies for teaching in an inclusion classroom. There are 5 built-in levels so that educators can transparently accommodate diverse student needs, without the often felt stigma attached to assistive technology. With Tool Factory Painter we’ll draw pictures using shapes and stamps, plus a myriad of effects and filters. Both programs can be adapted for special education students working a variety of ability levels. Art teachers and art enthusiasts alike will enjoy experimenting with two different art programs. Bring your creativity! Attendees get to software giveaways, plus a subscription to www.elementaryzone.com.

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