2006 Conference General Sessions


Paul Nuttall
Quay Street
Manchester M60 9EA United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0)161-827-2913
Fax: +44 (0)161-827-2966
Email: Paul.Nuttall@granadamedia.com

Try activities for Dyslexic students supporting visual discrimination, alphabet learning, phonics, spelling and sentence development. Get strategies for b and d letter reversals.

Explore a myriad of resources available for intervention with Dyslexic students. Well look at the On Track Series, a 5-part reading program that support literacy from visual perception to whole sentences. It supports visual discrimination, alphabet learning, phonics, spelling and sentence development, carrying students right up the stage of fluency. Each activity is configurable to the ability level of the student, and all activities are supported with worksheets, as well as clip art, and built in record keeping. Finally, well preview the b and d Letter Olympics. Students repeatedly practice discriminating b and d with six instructional Olympic challenges. Come prepared to experiment! Attendees pick their favorite program from the On Track Series (worth $69), a subscription to www.elementaryzone.com, plus a comprehensive set of SEMERC handouts and research on Dyslexia and technology.

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