2006 Conference General Sessions





Paul Nuttall
Quay Street

Manchester UK M60 9EA
United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0)161-827-2913
Fax: +44 (0)161-827-2966
Email: Paul.Nuttall@granadamedia.com

Identify common attributes of autism, then discuss proven intervention strategies. Review software resources, and share success stories using technology. Software giveaways.

Come and explore a variety of software programs that can be used by parents, teachers and speech and language therapists to enhance and augment autism intervention programs. Look at the latest and best software from early intervention to older learners with autistic spectrum disorders. We’ll identify some common attributes of the disorder, and then discuss proven intervention strategies. Review a survey of available software resources, and share detailed stories demonstrating how the technology has been effectively applied with other autistic students. This session will highlight software selections and show how to make materials to serve students with autism and other behavioral disorders. Participants will go away armed with handouts full of ideas, plus a subscription to www.elementaryzone.com.

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