2006 Conference General Sessions


Paul Nuttall
Quay Street
Manchester M60 9EA United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0)161-827-2913
Fax: +44 (0)161-827-2966
Email: Paul.Nuttall@granadamedia.com

Explore early learning software which is widely used in special ed and inclusion settings. Learn to tailor activities for ability levels. Software giveaways.

Students today grow up in a technological world and it is important that our teaching reflects this. A great special education software program can also be very effective for teaching early learners, when there are a wide range of accessibility options available. Explore a myriad of software programs which are adapted for inclusive classrooms, and can be used school-wide. Touching on each core curriculum area, you値l gain a wonderful insight on a myriad of available resources in just one hour. Experiment with a computer or simply observe.  In early math, we値l show you how to customize activities for varying levels of difficulty, then calculate with numbers up to 20. Pre-readers (and students with developmental disabilities) respond to cause-and-effect activities which help to develop basic cognitive skills. For spelling (and dyslexia) we値l enter high frequency word lists. Practice selecting the correct letters from the group, in the correct order. For science and life skills, we値l learn All About Ourselves. Explore the human senses, operate the X-ray machine, and write about ourselves based on word prompts. Finally, using simple mouse clicks, we値l compose a musical symphony of character voices. Every activity can be customized to the ability level of the student, and encourages a progressive development of skills. Come prepared to experiment with technology and learn strategies that will excite children痴 interest in learning. Software giveaways, plus a subscription to www.elementaryzone.com   

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