2006 Conference General Sessions




Janice L. Carter


480 California Avenue

Palo Alto CA 94306

Day Phone: 650-475-5440 ext. 122

Email: janice.c@benetech.org



Jim Marks

University of Montana

Lommasson Center 154

The University of Montana

Missoula MT 59812

Day Phone: 406-243-2243

Email: marks@mso.umt.edu


Presenter #3

Margaret Londergan

Indiana University

2711 East 10th Street

Bloomington IN 47401


Email: londerga@indiana.edu


Bookshare.org, www.bookshare.org, provides another alternative for providing access to textbooks for students with disabilities. Bookshare.org is an online community that enables people with visual and other print disabilities to legally share scanned books. It is designed exclusively for the use of the blind and other individuals with print-related disabilities. Bookshare.org, launched in February 2002, now has over 25,000 books in the collection — a collection shaped by members and volunteers who submit books, including, but not limited to general fiction and non—fiction, history, religion, psychology, programming, philosophy, etc.

If your school regularly scans textbooks for your students, you can legally share your textbooks with Bookshare.org (and the rest of our on—line community), thereby helping us increase our collection and making more accessible books available nationwide. Plus, schools earn credits that help defray subscription costs for student access to the complete Bookskhare.org repository.


Bookshare.org is able to accept scanned textbooks from schools and organizations registered on our site. Bookshare.org and schools nationwide have the opportunity to build a productive and synergetic relationship by working together to increase the collection of offerings to Pookshare.org subscribers and students. Submitting post secondary texts to Bockshare.org leverages your efforts (what you scanned for your students at your school is now available to all students nationwide), eliminates duplication of effort (what you scanned for your students no other member organization needs to scan as well), and through the nationwide cooperative effort, increases the possibility that the publication your students need will he available if some other member organization has scanned it. In consideration for your submissions, you will receive credits for your organization’s account with Bookshare.org that will defray subscription costs for your students. Come hear how schools like the University of Montana, Michigan State, Indiana University, Clemson University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and many others work with this cooperative.

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