2006 Conference General Sessions




Kelly Fonner, MS
1508 Dodge Street, Lower Level
Lake Geneva WI 53147
Day Phone: 262-893-8053
Fax: 262-249-9269
Email: kfonner@earthlink.net

Scott Marfilius
855 W. County Line Road
Bayside WI 53217
Day Phone: 414-379-7779    
Fax: 414-351-5127    
Email: marfilius@wi.rr.com

In our work in the field, we are all tackling the requirements of demonstrating adequate yearly progress and measurable decision making. During this session we are going to demonstrate the features that exist in new and revised products, as well as show people how to take their standard products and create portfolios within those.

In this 2 block session, here’s what we will cover:
1. What to find out about your specific organization before getting started
a. What needs to be included?
b. What are the limitations of accommodations?
c. What qualifies?
2. advanced preparations
a. software settings
b. student needs
c. file requirements
d. confidentiality
3. organizing strategies
a. rubrics
b. sampling
c. surveys
4. terminology
a. portfolio
b. profiles
c. data collection
d. artifacts
e. file management
5. product features
a. student file management
b. student settings/profiles
c. passwords
6. some applications with sound built-in record keeping
a. IntelliPics Classroom Suite
b. Solo
c. Start-to-Finish
d. StudyWiz
e. Kurzweil 3000
7. some applications that can be “tweaked” for record keeping
a. Clicker 4
b. Power Point
c. Speaking Dynamically Pro
8. Examples of record keeping in use

We will introduce the topic with general information on terminology, keeping student records and creating meaningful portfolios. Throughout the presentation, we will each touch on confidentiality with passwording or plans that staff need to consider to safeguard information in non-passworded applications.
Throughout the session, we’ll be demonstrating record keeping files that exist or were created in a variety of applications. We will demonstrate step by step how to use these features in the following products:
* Solo and Start to Finish from Don Johnston
* Clicker 4 from Crick Software
* IntelliPics Classroom Suite from IntelliTools
* Study Wiz distributed in US by Inclusive Learning Technologies
* Power Point from MicroSoft
* Kurzweil 3000 from Kurzweil Education Systems

We will conclude with an open Q&A session.

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