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Eric Damery
Freedom Scientific, Inc.
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg FL 33716

Day Phone: 7278038000

Email: ericd@freedomscientific.com

Presenter #2
Glen Gordon
Freedom Scientific, Inc.
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg
FL 33716

Day Phone: 7278038000
Email: gleng@freedomscientific.com

During the past year, we have developed several new benefits for screen reading that advance the JAWS technology ever further. During this session, the Product Manager and Chief Technical Officer will be on hand to demonstrate and describe these innovations and also discuss the some of the on going work for the future, including the plans for Vista.

The key areas of interest we would like to focus on include but are not limited to the following:
1. JAWS now provides the ability to access Tables in HTML and PDF but retain the Screen Layout of the table being reviewed. Until JAWS 7, all screen readers using MSAA or object model to view tables have only offered a single column view of tables. This means that the screen reader would view each cell as a single line and failed to provide speech and Braille users the opportunity to properly see the relationship of each cell to the others in the current row. In addition, JAWS is now the first product to allow users a simple way to select and copy non contiguous items from any application including HTML in IE and Help Systems. This can even be done in tables so you can selectively take parts of a table while retaining the row and column structure.

2. Since introducing the concept of Navigation Quick Keys for HTML several years ago,
SJAWS lead the way for all users of Screen Readers to have new and easy to remember ways of quickly navigating Web content and Help Files. JAWS is now bringing these techniques to Word Processing and PDF files. We will demonstrate and describe this exciting and simple way to easily navigate and review documents using the same techniques.

3. Beginning with JAWS 7, Freedom Scientific has developed new techniques that help authors of Excel Spread Sheets design and develop spread sheets which are accessible by JAWS out of the box. Now, any user of JAWS no matter what their skill level and without making any adjustments in JAWS itself, can navigate all the regions in all of the worksheets and JAWS will automatically report the column and row headings without the user making any adjustments. This opens the world of Excel to novice users of screen readers for the first time and begins to establish standards that many organizations are beginning to adopt in their quest for creating accessible documents.

4. Also for Excel, we will demonstrate a new technique that lets JAWS users define certain cells or blocks of cells that are of particular importance for them specifically. Having done this, the user can now retrieve this information as a summary view in the future giving them faster access to just the information they are interested in with the touch of a single keystroke. In the same way a sighted user focuses right in on information, the JAWS user can now as well.


5. Finally, we will demonstrate the latest and greatest access to very exciting applications including MSN Messenger 7.5 and Skype. These programs are capturing the interest of thousands of users and JAWS is offering some very interesting improvements that make these not only usable, but simple at the same time.

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