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The Daisy standard offers print disable people powerful technology that makes reading audio books much closer to reading print material. The standard allows synchronization of text and audio that benefits audio and visual learners alike. This multi—sensory approach to reading allows anyone to retain more information.

Daisy is an international standard for digital talking books. This standard allows the packaging of text, audio, video, and other multi—media files in one presentation. For a reader, this is highly beneficial because all people lean differently and this standard can cater to the type of learner for each individual. Some people learn by seeing a presentation. Others learn by hearing. This powerful standard was initially intended for blind people but it is shown through research that it is beneficial to learning disabled and even mainstream students as well. It has been proven that students who use this multi—sensory approach achieve over 40 percent than those who are left with traditional learning tools (l).

Telex Communications, a leading developer of playback equipment for Daisy technology and is evolving its line of talking book playback equipment’ to bring updated standards to life. Telex has a long history with talking book products ranging back to the 1960s and production of record player talking book systems. Since then Telex has supplied over 1 million people with reliable talking book technology. From the first ever portable Daisy layer in the Scholar to the newly introduced Professor, Telex is devoted to bringing new ideas to talking books. Telex will display the advantages of Daisy along with the playback features of our products, the Scholar and Professor. Both players offer unique features that allow the Daisy format to be played in home, at school, and on the road in between.

Down the road Telex will look at emerging technology to evolve talking books with new playback media options and new book delivery methods while continuing to build players that are robust in their environment. Daisy is a standard that is made to change with changing playback media. As new options come on line, the same Daisy books can be played on the next media from the consumer market. We will provide some insight into where the trends are pointed and how that might apply to reading. We will also look at how Daisy books will evolve from audio only or text only to the true multi—sensory synchronized text and audio. The groundwork in Daisy is there to allow a revolutionary way to deliver book content making it easier for students and adults from all backgrounds to get information.

Truly, Daisy is an amazing format. It was well thought out to deliver a standard means of creating and playing a multi—media learning experience. The power of Daisy is just starting to be applied and it will be used in more learning environments as more people discover its value. Telex will be a partner as this technology shift happens. We will develop new players and delivery systems so that more people can take advantage of the Daisy format and all that it has to offer.

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