2006 Conference General Sessions

ClozePro: Accessible Cloze Activities for All Abilities



John Crick
Crick Software
14687 NE 95th Street
Redmond WA 98052

Day Phone: 425-467-8260
Fax: 425-467-8245
Email: john.crick@cricksoft.com

ClozePro is a software program from Crick Software, creators of the widely-used Clicker. Cloze Pro is fully switch accessible, enabling all users to access the program.

Activities can be created in seconds-just copy and paste the text into Cloze Pro and choose the text to remove. You can remove every fifth word right through the text with just two mouse clicks. Or you can be more selective and highlight the exact text you wish to remove. This could be words, phrases, or groups of letters.

It’s easy to make different versions of the activity to suit students of different ages and ability levels, and everything is fully accessible with switches as well as keyboard and mouse.

You can remove whole words, phrases, parts of words or individual letters. As the teacher takes out the words, a ‘grid’ of missing words is automatically created in the bottom half the screen, ready for the user to make selections when the activity is run. Software Speech and a library of 1000 pictures are included, so that additional support can be given to younger or struggling readers. The Mayer—Johnson PCS library (available separately) can he used for symbols support.

Activities can be as simple or as complex as you like, and whatever the access method, the student is always firmly In control. Very simple activities can contain just one sentence on a page, supported with pictures, and with just one gap. The grid offers a choice of words, which can be selected with a mouse click or a switch press. The user can then move on to the next page, which could contain another single sentence.

More able students can tackle longer texts with many missing words, but can still use the speech support if required. For those working away from the computer, activities can be printed out as worksheets.

ClozePro keeps a careful track of everything the student does, and produces clear, concise and structured reports for the teacher. Reports can be accessed at any time, for any student and any activity, so progress can be carefully tracked.

This is a truly versatile tool that can be used right across the curriculum with all ages and abilities. In addition to all the activities shipped with the product, hundreds of ClozePro activities are available for free download from Crick’s popular LearningGrids website, updated every two weeks.

Access via keyboard, mouse and switches will be demonstrated, and the teacher-friendly editing tools will be used to show how easy it is to create materials for students of all ages and abilities. Speech and graphics support will be used to further demonstrate the ways in which activities can be differentiated.


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