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YunOh Jung
HIMS Co., Ltd.
High—Tech Venture Rail 5104,

53—3, Eoeun—dong, Yuseong—gu
Daejeon 305-701 South Korea
Day Phone: ±82—864—4460
Fax: +82—864—4462
Email: yun@himskorea.co.kr

Presenter #2
Hawon Park
HIMS Co., Ltd.
High—Tech Venture Rail 5104

53—3, Eoeun—dong, Yuseong—gu
Daejeon 305-701 South Korea
Day Phone: +82—42—864—4460
Fax: ±82—42—864—4462
Email: hwpark@himskorea.co.kr

In this session, we will explain the development process of our video magnification system from the planning to the completion of development based on the test results of the end users who are the low vision. And we will also explain the detailed functions and performances of our new video magnification system, especially our excellent user interface and our unique industrial design.

We, HIMS, had been developing Braille notetaker named Braille Sense for 6 years. Based on such development experiences of hardware, software and deep understanding of the visually disabled, we determined to develop the video magnification system. We started development of the video magnification system at the beginning of 2004. And we, HIMS, finally finished developing of the first model which is desktop video magnification system on March 2005.

And during the development of the video magnification system, we also had many of demonstration meeting with the end users and collected many feedback and new ideas that would improve the functions and performance including user interface design.

SenseView has been designed many exiting features such as durability, a rotary Magnification Dial, change the magnification size incrementally and ergonomicall3y placed controls operated smoothly, Oversized Easy Glide moveable reading table, with wrist rests, a new ergonomic designed handles and easy set break enhance comfort and controls, instant Auto Focus with intelligent focus lock, bring images and text into bright, clear focus instantly, with no manual adjustment required, lock mode maintains focus even when the magnification is charged, continuous Auto—Focus provides instant readability, magnification range: 3x to 70x on a l7;± monitor, 21 viewing modes (full color, black and white, high contrast positive and high contrast negative etc), largest working area any desktop system (l6;± wide by 22± deep) Quickly zoom in and zoom out (this feature makes it easier to change places or locate the precise on a page or object), vertical or horizontal line makers (adjust line and
window sizes), a laser pointer, speech output and a lot more, makes people visual independence by providing the ability to read, write, work and enjoy a play at school, home and work place. Comparative price (More Features Less Price than competitors), 3 screen outputs (VGA, S-VIDEO, COMPOSITE).

I am very glad to introduce our products which are desktop and portable video magnification at this session and I expect and believe that this session will be very helpful for the students and teachers who study the assistive technology for the low vision.

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