2006 Conference General Sessions

The most innovative notetaker with multimedia Functions for your Entertainment.

Presenter #1
YunOh Jung
RIMS Co., Ltd.
Righ-Teoh Venture Hall 5104, 53-3, Eoeun—dong, Yuseong-gu
Country: South Korea
Day Phone: +82—42—864—4460
Fax: +82—42—864—4462
Email: yun@himskorea. co. kr

Rawon Park
RIMS Co., Ltd.
Righ—Tech Venture Ball 5104, 53—3, Eoeun—dong, Yuseonggu
South Korea
Day Phone: +82—42—864—4460
Fax: +82—42—864—4462
Email: hwpark@himskorea.CO.kr  

The first Braille Notetaker to offer notetaking and entertainment in a single package.
Complete Paper: We are very exited to introduce more powerful Braille SENSE.
It is total solution of assistive technology for the blind. When we introduced it in 2002, it was just Braille notetaker. But we have hardly studied and developed additional function like LCD, MP3 player, digital recorder, etc so it become entertainment station for the blind as well as Braille notetaker.
What does Braille SENSE become much more powerful and stronger?
Braille Sense Notetaker offers an Integrated MP3 Player!
Braille Sense is a unique configuration offering notetaking and entertainment all in one package. Now you can perform all these functions from one powerful desktop
workstation: notetaking, sending and receiving e—mail, web browsing, total entertainment with the added MP3 player and digital audio recorder.
Powerful education tool
Teaching is easier and faster using Braille Sense. The information on the Braille display will be shown in text on the LCD. Teachers can review a student’s text on the LCD. 4 Powerful interface with external device
Braille Sense is a powerful workstation for the vision—impaired. It offers all these features: 2 compact flash slots, 2 USB jacks, LAN, RS232 (serial) port, parallel port and
stereo headphone jack and microphone input jack.  MP3 player and digital audio recording in one package Uniquely configured, Braille Sense has a stereo MP3 player built-in for listening to music, teaching with an audio workbook, and digital recording for short voice memos. Braille Sense has an internal microphone for voice recording.
Audio streaming
You can listen to the live radio broadcasting through the internet. You can access the
ASP-type audio streaming with your Braille Sense.
You can do more than two jobs simultaneously with your Braille Sense. It is the first time for Braille notetaker to do the multi—tasking.
Powerful Word Processor
The word processor features improved speed and function. Importing and exporting documents, printing text, and embossing Braille documents is faster and more flexible.
Access to e—mail and internet
Braille SENSE is portable Braille notetaker with improved user interface that provides better accessibility. The blind can access to the required information at anywhere and anytime.
Detachable battery
The user can replace the battery very easily. simply, press the button and pull out the battery pack. Inserting the battery pack is just as easy. Just insert the battery pack and it locks into place
Extendibility by CF slot
Two CF (compact flash) slots are available, one for extended memory and the other can be used as a modem, etc.
• Compatibility by USM
Data storage can be extended by using USB stick memory. USB QWERTY keyboard can be connected to USB port in Braille SENSE
Connect to a personal Computer(PC)
Connect to a PC with Microsoft Windows. Copying or moving any files from a PC to Braille
Sense or Braille Sense to a PC is easy. Simply, run the screen reader program on the PC
and then read it in Braille on Braille Sense.
We will demonstrate above functions. The Braille SENSE will be a good partner in whole life of the blind. All participants will have a good understanding of Braille SENSE and check its non-limited potential.

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