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Text to Digital Talking Books in an instant — Dolphin Producer

Presenter #1
John Worsfold
Dolphin Computer Access
Technology House
Zip/Postal Code: WRS STJ
Country: United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0) 1905 754577
Fax: ±44 (0) 1905 754559
Email: john.worsfold@dolphinuk.co.uk

New product launch of Dolphin Producer — A software solution for the instant creation of fully synchronized text and audio DAISY books from Word documents.
Complete Paper: Imagine a classroom environment that includes children with sight problems, language problems, print impairments, dyslexia and other learning issues. Is there a single solution that will deliver learning materials simply and easily in a format that satisfies all their requirements? Can teachers, secretariats, administrators and assistants create their own educational materials from existing formats, which will support the requirements of all pupils?

The answer is YES!
Dolphin Producer combines a simple word reading tool and a revolutionary DAISY Digital Talking Book creation tool. It allows on—screen information to be converted into audio and read back directly from the computer, as well as quickly converting the on—screen text into a fully synchronized text and audio DAISY book — the perfect solution for anyone affected by print impairment.
11 of the functionality of Dolphin Producer is available from the simple to use toolbar.  Toolbar is automatically loaded within Microsoft® Word®, and can be positioned anywhere on the screen. By using the simple Dolphin Producer toolbar, Word® documents can be read back instantly from within Word®, with the text being highlighted in time with the corresponding audio text colors and word highlighting colors can all be customized to suit the individual’s requirements and navigation controls allow the user to move through the document quickly and easily, by word, sentence or paragraph. -
Accessible Digital Talking Books in an instant Using Dolphin Producer, a fully synchronized text and audio DTB can be created by the press of a button, from the toolbar. No longer do teachers have to spend large amounts of time manipulating existing materials to support special requirements, such as large print formats or color manipulation. By using Dolphin Producer and a TTS (text to speech) speech synthesizer, all the document text can be converted into a structured DTB. The DTB can be played back on the computer, using Dolphin’s EaseReader DAISY player, which is supplied as part of Dolphin Producer.
Users also have the ability to copy and save their own DTB onto a CD, so that the book can be played back on any other portable DAISY DTB player or MP3 player. The choice is yours!
Dolphin Producer is the ideal solution for converting course materials, revision notes, magazines, periodicals and reports into fully synchronized text and audio DTBs books. Teachers, lecturers and students alike are able to create their own fully interactive DTBs instantly from Microsoft Word ® documents. Using a speech synthesizer text files can be converted into audio at the press of a button and automatically synchronized with the text. Now as the book is read aloud the corresponding words are highlighted.
In this practical session, we will look at the key features of Dolphin Producer:
• Read text from any part of a Microsoft Word 0 document.
• Synchronized word highlighting and playback options.
• Navigate through [4icrosoftTh Word 0 documents quickly and easily, by word, sentence
or paragraph.
• Create fully synchronized text and audio Digital Talking Books in an instant
• Save and copy DTBs onto CD for playback on any compatible portable player or MP3 layer.
Incorporate Dolphin’s EaseReader software player.
• Fully customizable DTB playback features
o Font sizes, colors and styles
o Text, background and highlight colors
o Playback speed
o Add bookmarks and audio notes
o Full search and find features
About the company
Dolphin has a simple goal: to create software products that allow people with a vision impairment to use mainstream information technology. With proven expertise in screen reading with speech and Braille, screen magnification and products in many languages, Dolphin is constantly developing new technologies. Founded in 1986 in the United Kingdom, Dolphin is now one of the largest dedicated access software companies in the world, with offices in the UK, USA and Sweden. Dolphin’s product range encompasses access software, digital audio publishing technology and specialist education solutions.

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