2006 Conference General Sessions




John Worsfold
Dolphin Computer Access
Technology House
Worcester WR3 BTJ UK
Day Phone: +44 (0) 1905 754577
Fax: -4-44 (0) 1905 754559
Email: john.worsfold@dolphinuk.co.uk

Dolphin has developed a range of PC based software solutions designed for the production, publishing and playback of all DAISY books.

EaseReader® was the first DAISY compatible software player to have been developed for the mainstream publishing and audio c—book market. All functions are easily accessed through an attractive graphical. user interface or through the use of keyboard hotkeys. EaseReader® ensures that all DAISY digital. c—books are accessible to all, in a single format. Whether you are blind, visually impaired, print impaired, have any physical disabilities or learning difficulties, EaseReader will allow you to access and enjoy your digital DAISY ebooks.

The EaseReader® software player allows simple and effective playback of digital DAISY e—book material, highlighting the on-screen text content in time with the audio narration. Launched in March 2003, it has received worldwide acclaim and has been used by many organizations and individuals for accessing digital audio information and enjoying the playback of DAISY books. It allows full search and navigation of the content, as well as many customization features.

All Dolphin’s software packages support the needs and requirements of Section 508 and ADA
compliance for people with a visual disability.

In this practical session, we will look at:  Digital audio playback using EaseReader® -demonstrating case studies from around the world, including the RNIB and BLISTA, the demonstration will include such features as:
o Full navigation control - Navigate your book by phrase, chapter or section.
o Bookmarks — Return to a point of reference or interest in the bock by adding
multiple bookmarks to return to time and again.
Audio notes - Add your own audio notes to referenced points in the book.

Search - Search the entire bock for phrases that contain the word or section of text
that you are seeking and then jump instantly to that point in the book.
o Find functions — Search the current section of the book for the next or previous
occurrence of a word and then jump to that point in the book.
o TTS functions for text only DAISY books
o Display settings - Alter the color, font, layout and highlighting styles of the book
to suit individual tastes or requirements.
o Playback speed - Increase or decrease the audio playback speed.
o Self-voiced controls - Self voiced announcement of controls or dialogs may be
toggled on or off.

About the company
Dolphin has a simple goal: to create software products that allow people with a vision impairment to use mainstream information technology. With proven expertise in screen reading with speech and Braille, screen magnification and products in many languages, Dolphin is constantly developing new technologies. Founded in 1986 in the United Kingdom, Dolphin is now one of the largest dedicated access software companies in the world, with offices in the UK, USA and Sweden. Dolphin’s product range encompasses access software, digital audio publishing technology and specialist education solutions.

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