2006 Conference General Sessions




Steve Bennett
Dolphin Computer Access
Technology House
Worcester WR3 STJ United Kingdom
Day Phone: +44 (0) 1905 754577
Fax: 4 44 (0) 1905 754559
Email: steve.bennett@dolphinuk.co.uk

This session is designed for access technology consultants, access hardware manufacturers and anyone researching solutions to Section SOS and ADA compliance for people with a visual disability.

Many portable handheld devices use the Windows Mobile or Windows CE operating system, including PDAs and portable Braille devices. PDAs are fast becoming the preferred mobile information system in the mainstream market, however, until now very few screen readers have been developed and marketed to work with an off the shelf PDA, so blind and visually impaired computer users have been excluded from this technology.

Pocket Hal is a full screen reader, complete with Braille support for the PDAs. This allows blind and low—vision users to access the same mainstream technology as that enjoyed by fully sighted users. Pocket Hal users can now access a word processor or spreadsheet, send and receive email or check their schedules on a calendar whilst away from the home or office and on the move. Pocket Hal gives access to Pocket Word®, Pocket Excel®, Pocket Outlook® and Pocket Internet Explorer®, as well as many other applications including MSN and phone services.

In this practical session, we will look at:
 Using Pocket Hal on a handheld PDA, using a blue tooth keyboard input device &4t6l607; Using Pocket Hal through an OEM portable Braille note-taker
We will demonstrate the ease of use and ease of access to many applications such as:
&*61607; Calendar within Outlook
&*61607; Contacts
&*61607; To—Do lists
&*61607; Reading, reviewing and editing documents in Word

At time of writing still further development is expected prior to CSUN 2006 therefore other areas may be included at the session.

About the company
Dolphin has a simple goal: to create software products that allow people with a vision impairment to use mainstream information technology. With proven expertise in screen reading with speech and Braille, screen magnification and products in many languages, Dolphin is constantly developing new technologies. Founded in 1986 in the United Kingdom, Dolphin is now one of the largest dedicated access software companies in the world, with offices in the UK, USA and Sweden. Dolphin’s product range encompasses access software, digital audio publishing technology and specialist education solutions.

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