2006 Conference General Sessions


Presenter # 1
Clarence Whaley
GW Micro
725 Airport North office Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
Phone: 615-383-6248
Fax: 615-269-5288
Email: Clarence@gwmicro.com

GW Micro has raised the bar for accessibility with many new and exciting opportunities for people with disabilities. The internet has proven to be an outstanding tool for people who are blind. However, the access has pretty much been limited to Microsoft’s internet explorer. Now, GWMicro coupled with the cooperation of Mozilla now offers exceptional support for the very popular FireFox web browser. During this session we will show you how smoothly this program works and the speed with which pages load and the ease of moving through pages. Also we will explore the various safeguards built in to FireFox and the housekeeping features of FireFox. We will show how pages that took minutes to load in the past now load in a matter of seconds. Through cooperation between Mozilla and GW Micro even •more internet opportunities are available.

We will also examine the brand new menu structure in Window-Eyes. GW Micro is ever mindful of making Window-Eyes the most user friendly screen reader available and have totally redone the Window-Eyes control panel. Settings are now much easier to understand and use and we will look at how easy it is to change settings, change hotkeys and much more.

Now there is no longer a need to worry about key conflicts with other applications, and we will show how easily a keystroke or hotkey can be redefined. In a matter of seconds that conflict can be gone thus allowing such programs as Window-Eyes and ZoomText to work together seamlessly.

Many of us now enjoy the ability to chat in realtime with our friends and coworkers around the world. With MSN Messenger it is now possible to do so in either text or voice and to have the incoming conversation read automatically. We will show a live conversation in both text and voice.

Also we will discuss and demonstrate using Window-Eyes with a Braille display and how easily displays can be switched. Also, how input to such programs as Microsoft Word can be done from your Braille notetaker. We will show how the braille user can write in grade two Braille and the Word document will see it as regular typing. We will also show how Braille enables the user to see the formatting of the document and much more. Often it is necessary to read complicated numbers, addresses etc. and Braille is the perfect way to get this vital information.

We continue to work with companies to convince them to help make their software more accessible. During this session we will demonstrate some of these successes and talk about plans for future ventures. For example such companies as skype and more.

Stability is always our main goal, and we want Window-Eyes to be just like your monitor and always work. We will look at our error reporting system and show how it stren9thens Window-Eyes more and more each day. We will also look at new and exciting features coming down the road including the ability to tell Window-Eyes what sound card to use and thus allowing for even more flexibility. Microsoft office, FireFox and more are just the beginning of the exciting changes to Window-Eyes.

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