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Mary K. Boegemann, MA, CRC


4891 East Grant Road

Tucson, AZ 85712

Telephone: (888) 281-6531 x142

Email: mboegemann@carf.org


CARF…The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission provides standards for the development, management, and continuous improvement of outcomes for business management and service quality in human services.  This 40 year old organization seeks to enhance the lives of persons served through an accreditation system that focuses on results of services and meeting the quality expectations of numerous stakeholders of the community organization.  Over 4,800 agencies are accredited in the United States, Canada and Europe.  


Assistive technology is opening up living and working opportunities for all of us that were never imagined.  To maintain the progress in this area of service delivery for persons with severe disabilities, CARF has conducted a number of focus groups to ascertain the direction and aspirations that the Assistive Technology standards should address and embrace in the future.


The proliferation of technologies does not necessarily correlate to quality, however.  In the day in age of increased access to multiple accessibility options consumers, advocates, service providers and managers must become well versed in what constitutes quality technology, systems and services.


This presentation will provide the participant with an insight into the various applications of assistive technology.  It will address quality indicators and outcomes that will provide a consumer and their family a better understanding of the quality and service that they can expect from an accredited provider.  Among the points of the presentation will be principle standards for making sure persons and families are informed decision makers, that the service is provided by competent personnel and that services are not only individualized, but long term supports and costs are considered.


The learning objectives for this presentation are as follows:  The participant will be able to identify the major applications of assistive technology.  The participant will review the latest standards for assistive technology.  The participant will be able to identify resources for setting up and managing assistive technology services.


2006 Employment and Community Services Standards Manual

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