2004 Conference Proceedings

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Arjan Khalsa & Karen Sheehan
IntelliTools, Inc.
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 707-773-2000
Fax: 707-773-2001
Email: ahhalsa@intellitools.com
Email: ksheehan@intellitools.com

IntelliTools' Classroom Suite: incorporating IntelliPics Studio 3, for multimedia authoring, IntelliTalk 3, a talking word processor, and IntelliMathics 3, a virtual manipulatives tool. This session will describe important advances in software tools that many attendees use as part of their standard tool set. New features have been added to each of the software programs and consistency and compatibility between the three has been greatly enhanced.

Most of the product innovations have been inspired by customer feedback. People in the educational technology community have been asking for answer checking, student record keeping, easy and more instant customization and authoring, and network system compatibility so that students can use their classroom tools throughout the school environment. In this session, participants will see how their input has been put into practice.

The new answer-checking system allows an activity author to declare a range of correct responses in any of the three software programs. Students can receive immediate feedback on their written work, math problem, or multimedia activity. Beyond that, their answers are electronically stored in a student record similar to those in IntelliToolsŪ Reading: Balanced Literacy. This is the first time that a software tool set has allowed a teacher to customize an activity and thoroughly track the student responses.

Authoring is a large issue for IntelliTools software users. Beginners need easy entry points and advanced users look for power and flexibility. The Classroom Suite employs two independent authoring systems. The first is a collection of templates accompanied by sample activities and short tutorials. These are designed for beginning or time-crunched authors to create activities for students in minutes with no help required. These are the first true templates ever included in an IntelliTools product and constitute a design innovation that will simplify many people's lives.

The second authoring system is a new way of using customizable toolbars. Authors can now work in screen in a WYSIWYG environment using drag-and-drop techniques to make the perfect, accessible screen.

Participants who attend this session will see an overview of these new features along with many others: word prediction, Mac OS X compatibility, new student log-in and assignment systems, and more. They will also receive a disk that includes a trial version of the software for them to use on their own.

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