2004 Conference Proceedings

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Dusty Voorhees, Senior Product Manager
Freedom Scientific
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, Florida
Phone: 800-444-4443

This demonstration of MAGic will show attendees how MAGic's blend of features and performance make it the easiest, most powerful screen magnification software available.

If you've looked at MAGic in the past, it's time to take another look! MAGic has undergone significant improvements in recent years, making it a leader in magnification with speech.

An effective screen magnification/reading product does more than just track the cursor and mouse and magnify the screen. MAGic screen magnification offers a wide array of customization features and tools to help you optimize your efficiency and enjoyment of the computer. This session will demonstrate the wide scope of screen enhancements, functionality, and customization available in the newest version of MAGic.

Screen Enhancements

This presentation will demonstrate mouse, cursor, and color enhancements that allow MAGic users to change the appearance of the screen and easily follow the location of the mouse and cursor as they work. These enhancements allow users to overcome eye stress and contrast problems caused by application colors, as well as enhance their ability to follow the focus of the application. Users can set independent preferences for the magnified and unmagnified areas of the screen. Schemes allow users to choose from a variety of predefined looks or design their own to fit their needs and preferences.

Application-Specific Functionality

MAGic allows users to set preferences for specific applications. When an application becomes active, these preferences are automatically activated, alleviating the need to change settings because of specific application requirements. Additionally, MAGic has application-specific functions that streamline access to important information.

Dual Language Support

The English and Spanish versions of MAGic now fully support both languages. When these languages are selected as the primary and secondary languages, switching between the languages not only changes the synthesizer language, but also the language of the MAGic application and help system. User Profiles MAGic has always offered users the ability to use MAGic on any computer in a network while retaining their personal settings. This functionality has now been expanded for stand-alone PC's to support profiles for multiple users.

Auxiliary Text Viewing

A new way of viewing application text will be unveiled at this conference. MAGic users will be able to see the text as they have never seen it before.

Access to the Windows Logon and Security Dialog Boxes

MAGic now provides magnification and speech access to the Windows Logon and Security dialog boxes by running as a service.

JAVA Access

Participants can see and hear the new access MAGic provides for JAVA applications. Navigate and work in JAVA applications as easily as using any other Windows application.

PDF Access

Enhanced support for Adobe Acrobat and Reader 6.0 provides easy access to PDF documents. Track the movement of the cursor or navigate and initiate reading with the mouse. MAGic highlights the document text while reading it aloud.

Speech at the Level You Desire

MAGic offers a low vision speech component to enhance access to screen information. MAGic's speech complements the visual information to provide quick and complete access to screen information. Users can customize MAGic's speech to provide the desired level of verbosity. For even more speech, MAGic is designed to complement the JAWS screen reader with automatic compatibility.


Tracking the cursor and mouse and magnifying the screen are essential to a magnification product, but it is the extra features that contribute to the effective use of the computer. MAGic screen magnification offers a wide assortment of tools to help optimize your efficiency and enjoyment of the computer. This session will focus on using features, profiles, and schemes to be as effective as possible. The session will demonstrate to participants the wide scope of screen enhancements, functionality, customization, and automation available in the newest version of MAGic. The session will also include an overview of MAGic features that are new to magnification products.

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