2004 Conference Proceedings

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Lucinda Ray
IntelliTools, Inc.
1720 Corporate Circle
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: 707 773 2000
Fax: 707 773 2001
Email: lray@intellitools.com

Timesaving Teaching Templates - Customize Curriculum is a hands-on workshop showcasing a new collection of activities, templates, and tutorials designed to introduce the power of IntelliToolsŪ Classroom Suite to beginning users and to teachers who need a quick solution. It is especially geared toward special educators and to those who need quick and easy ways to create customized curriculum. The templates and activities are designed to meet state and national curriculum standards.

IntelliTools Classroom Suite is a powerful set of authoring tools designed to allow both teachers and students to create their own interactive activities, assignments, quizzes, presentations, and even games in every area of the curriculum including language arts, math, social studies, science. Its user-friendly interface provides on-screen toolbars for program functions, and universal design makes those functions accessible to students with disabilities. IntelliTools Classroom Suite of IntelliPics Studio 3, IntelliTalk 3, and IntelliMathics 3 provides answer checking as well the capacity to record and report student progress.

The purpose of this workshop is to simplify authoring in IntelliTools Classroom Suite by providing new beginner's templates and small tutorials focused on specific curriculum outcomes. This workshop will include explorations of curriculum activities, followed by easy authoring with new templates designed to help teachers author similar activities. For example, participants will color a handful of science diagrams designed for students with limited cognition and dexterity. Then, they will use a simple template and tutorial as they learn to create a new diagram activity in seconds. This same sequence - activity, tutorial, authoring - will follow as participants create math problems, state reports, phonics activities, and book reports, to name just a few possibilities.

Those who attend the workshop will receive a CD with sample activities, templates, and tutorials used in the workshop. The CD also includes Player versions of IntelliTools Classroom Suite so participants can use sample activities even if they do not own the full software program.

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